62 Children in Zimbabwe Encounter Alien Intruders

On October 9, 2013 by Alien invasion

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The truth of the alien invasion can be difficult to accept. It operates in great secrecy. The evidence can be fleeting and open to interpretation. Important witnesses are often dismissed as having misidentified what they saw or, worse still, as being crazy. The 1994 UFO experience by 62 school children in Zimbabwe is a case that cannot be so easily brushed off. It warrants our careful consideration.

One fateful morning on September 16th, 1994, 62 school children in Zimbabwe saw strange objects in the sky. Typical saucer-shaped UFOs flew erratically then landed about 100 meters from the school grounds. The children all reported seeing a grey alien with large oval eyes standing atop his craft. It telepathically communicated with them, explaining that humans were ruining our planet by polluting it. Believing it to be a demon, the children ran back to their teachers and related what they experienced.

Experts were called in. The children were asked to independently draw what they saw. The pictures all confirmed the same story. Cynthia Hind, a prominent UFO investigator in Africa, interviewed the children. She believed they were being genuine about their experiences.

This case is important because these children had no exposure to “UFO culture”. The grey alien and his craft coincided precisely with abduction reports from around the world. Abductees are often telepathically told that humans are destroying our planet by degrading our environment. Why would 62 rural African children lie about something they could not have known about?

The Allies of Humanity confirm that alien abductions are a real phenomena. The scenes of environmental collapse are intended to gain the sympathy of abductees. The Allies explain that they are being brainwashed into acquiescing to alien authority on our own planet. These victims become unwitting advocates for the alien invasion. Thankfully, these children were lucky enough to have only a passing interaction with the alien being.

When discussing the alien invasion with your friends and family, it’s important to have a few good cases to relate. This one cannot easily be dismissed.

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  • I thank God I found the free book Allies of Humanity by Marshall Vian Summers. It tells the reality of the Bigger Picture of what is really going on.

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