Alien Invasion Activity in Denver Colorado USA

On January 19, 2013 by alieninvasion

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Strange sightings, by a man who wants to remain anonymous, have been filmed of flying objects around Federal Heights near Denver. This man filmed UFO activity and still it raises no concern… There is plenty of evidence to support the presence of an alien invasion that no one is talking openly.

An aviation expert, Steve Cowell, states it is unlike anything he has ever seen… its not a bird, its not a plane, its not a bug… he states it is clearly an unidentified flying object (UFO).

The news station’s photo journalist sets up a camera and films the same flying object on a later date confirming the existence of a UFO in the area. Due to the speed of the object most people would miss it.

The FAA and NORAD were contacted. Both agencies report no knowledge of any flying craft in this area.

This does not mean it was not there… we well know there is a long history of denying and debunking any and all UFO sightings and alien contact.  However…

This is no mystery – a covert alien invasion is underway. I’ll say it again… A covert alien invasion is underway! It is time to educate ourselves and publicly declare our freedom from an alien invasion. Our future is at stake.


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