Alien Invasion and Connecticut School Shooting Connection?

On December 15, 2012 by alieninvasion

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The New York Times article quoted Ms. Olivia DeVivo as remembering Mr. Adam Lanza from the sixth grade and earlier. She states he talked about aliens and “blowing things up,” but she chalked this up to the typical talk of prepubescent boys.

Perhaps this is far more that the typical talk of prepubescent boys. Perhaps this young man was actually being influenced by the alien invasion that is taking place in our world. Could the alien invasion that is occurring in our world possibly be connected to this young man’s actions, a young man that was withdrawn and talked of aliens? We know so little about the alien invasion, its presence and its effects on the lives of innocent young people and the men, women and children it takes without consent.

When faced with tragedy and senseless violence we automatically attempt to make sense of something that makes no sense.  Acts of this nature are often blamed on mental health issues or a diagnosis of some sort or to parental neglect. But the same article quoted above states, “Their mother was very protective, very hands-on,” said Gina McDade, whose son was a playmate of Ryan Lanza’s (brother of Adam) and spent much time at his home, which she described as a two-story Colonial with a pool. “It was a beautiful home,” Ms. McDade said. “She was a good housekeeper, better than me. You could tell her kids really came first.”

Unfortunately we are no longer dealing with “normal” human challenges, problems and tragedies any more. We are being visited, influenced and manipulated by a covert alien presence – a silent alien invasion.

The influence and persuasion that can be exerted upon individuals seems to be significant. The following is quoted from Protecting Yourself from the Intervention. (The reference to “the Intervention” means quite literally the alien invasion. The reference to “Knowledge” means the deeper mind beneath the intellect that cannot be persuaded or manipulated – a deeper knowing or gnosis):

“You must understand that your intellect can be overtaken. It has been overtaken by your family and your culture to a very great extent. How much more powerful will the Intervention’s persuasions be, those races who understand how minds can be changed, how defenses can be taken down and how minds can be infiltrated, imprinted and impressed. Even greater than the powers of your culture can these forms of persuasion be. Without the power of Knowledge in your awareness, you would feel almost helpless and impotent in the face of such persuasions if they were aimed at you directly.

This is a crisis facing many people. Some people are not even aware that they are being targeted in this way. For those who have been taken against their will, their memories have been denied and blocked, and now they live with a kind of suppression within themselves. If your memories have been blocked, so is your awareness of your deeper nature, and so is your awareness of your inspiration, your wisdom and your insight. It is all subdued together, you see.”

Protecting Yourself from the Intervention goes on to say people who have been influenced by the alien invasion, “…have fallen into servitude—a cruel servitude, a servitude that will deny their humanity and their allegiance to their own kind. This is how serious a problem this is.”

In the light of this great tragedy and the number of lives lost, we must look beyond our Connecticut school shootingassumptions to gain a greater understanding of what humanity is facing. If this young man was being targeted by aliens, it calls for us to wake up and look more deeply into the alien invasion and its emotional, mental and psychological effects on humanity.

We need to seriously and soberly educate ourselves about the alien invasion and what the potential effects of this could be. This is vital for our freedom and the well-being of our citizens and it could lead to a greater understanding of what is occurring in our world.

This post is not to definitively state that the alien invasion influenced this young man; this post to is challenge our thinking and assumptions about the world we inhabit and begin to open the closed doors regarding the alien presence, humanity’s greater predicament and our responsibility for our future well-being.

Read The Allies of Humanity to gain a greater understanding of the alien invasion.



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