Alien Invasion Confirmed On-Air

On December 10, 2012 by alieninvasion

sean moncrieff

If you care about human freedom and sovereignty, please take a minute and sign this petition against the alien invasion of this world. Your voice maters!

This interview speaks to the alien invasion that is taking place behind the scenes and impacting the future of our world.

The alien invasion includes the abduction of men, women and children all over the world. It is a global phenomenon that needs to be spoken of freely in order to stop the alien invasion and takeover of our world.

To some this might seem to fantastic to be considered but its real and more and more evidence is coming to light.

Watch this on-air interveiw and delve into what this man is saying… educate yourself about the alien invasion…

Marshall Vian Summers is interviewed by Sean Moncrieff from Newstalk radio in Dublin, Ireland.

2 Responses to “Alien Invasion Confirmed On-Air”

  • It is critical that we redefine our use of the word “alien.” Aliens are no longer a mere person crossing the border into a foreign country. They are literally infiltrating our planet from outside of our solar system.

    If this is to occur in increasing numbers in the future, and the fact that it has been occurring for part of every living person’s lifetime is a grave cause for concern.

    Would you be willing to allow your children to fall under the yoke of an alien power, literally traveling from another planet to be here?

    How could you know if you could trust this presence in your midst? How could you even be with them? Would you want them mingling and taking resources and people?

    These are questions you must ask yourself to become honest about the motives of this intervention in our world.

    Imagine watching your child fall prey to A ruthless gang collecting mercenaries for its street wars. Tis is not unlike that, though the consequences of falling to alien persuasion are more grave indeed.

    Giving in to any uninvited alien presence in any way would represent humanity’s kowtow to a new foreign leader. This has happened so many times within humanity’s own history, yet we are unaware of the danger lurking near. If we were just to become educated about the intervention we could oppose it with force and with power. This is what we need to do to stand united as one humanity with one direction and one purpose.

  • Todays date is 1-29-2013…. Last night I had a dream of an alien invasion. When I woke up at 1:30 am, I went back to sleep only to go back to the same dream of the invasion. For some reason I have ended up on the internet typing in alien invasion, which has led me to your site. I believe that the spirit of my creator has led me here, why Im not to sure other then I believe something is on the verge of happening that will affect everyone.