Alien Invasion Preparedness – National Geographics episode

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Alien Invasion Preparedness?

I found the “script”  at the National Geographic Website. You can explore the original HERE . We are fed the usual doom and gloom scenario our science-fiction movies want us to believe. That ET’s are here to destroy us or that our Alien brothers are here to save our human kind.

The Allies Of Humanity briefings give us a window into the reality of the situation. What is occurring now is a pervasive well thought out intervention and slow takeover. This takeover is being orchestrated at many, many different levels of social structure. We are essentially like the flog in the boiling water. Our freedom slowly being eroded away, ever so slowly and carefully, our food supplies, our ideas our way of living are all being changed. We are being distracted by fear, wars, technologies and so forth. allies-cover

Who has the eyes to see? the truth is under our noses and we can brake the social conditioning by taking Steps To Knowledge, we can unlock our greater abilities by following the program, and we can stop this intervention by shining a light to this hidden reality. All we have to do is share it with others, talk about it, demand disclosure, bring it to the public’s attention! it needs it.


You must see this, you must act now, these are the guidelines, SEE IT HERE.




No one knows how it will happen, but leading scientists believe that some day we will make contact with extra-terrestrial intelligence.  And if the aliens make it to Earth, they may not come in peace. In the event of a hostile alien visitation, here’s how it might play out…

Sometime in the future – possibly the very near future – the world will go about its business as usual. But at a remote observatory, a space anomaly is reported.  Something unusual – and large – appears to be approaching Earth.  Experts aren’t sure how to react. The first sighting alerts sky-watchers around the world…42053

Astronomers scramble to analyse an object only 8,000 kilometres from Earth – closer than our moon.  It has crept into earth’s orbit with no warning.    The next group to take an interest in the anomaly is military.

US Space Command uses global satellite tracking systems, telescopes and radar to search for any type of airborne or space threat. The object is not natural.

At US Space Command, astronomers don’t know if the anomaly is an actual vehicle.  Then comes confirmation; in a solar system where every object is constantly in motion, the unknown object stops. Space Command officials agree that it must be powered.

The next step is to establish contact.  The UN Office of Outer Space Affairs committee quickly crafts a simple message, transmitted to the spacecraft over television and radio signal.  The message is transmitted simultaneously in the most widely spoken languages of the world:  Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, English, Arabic and Hindi.

Astronomers see no response to Earth’s communication.  Space Command attempts contact using the universal language of mathematics in a sequence of prime numbers.

As the craft approaches Earth, screens go blank, data streams cut out, and communications suddenly cease.  Cell phone calls are dropped and TV images go out. All of Earth’s satellites fail, but optical and radio telescopes are still receiving information.  The aliens have knocked out satellite communication.

Militaries prepare for the worst.  Squadrons of F-18s – possibly our planet’s most effective and versatile air-to-air weapon – scramble into action.  But, for alien crafts to travel through the stars, they have propulsion technologies beyond physics that we even understand and can evade F-18 missiles fired at twice the speed of sound.

Militaries try to intercept and decode alien communication.   Humvees with broadcast dishes target alien crafts with microwaves to jam signals, cyber-attacking invaders.

On the ground, a desperate military unleashes experimental weapons like the U.S. Air Force’s highly classified X-37B spacefighter.  But experimental weapons are no match.

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  • I know! I can see! And how much is happening but how do you tell others! When They refuse to believe and want to stay ignorant! I have insight! I don t know how this has happened but I do!

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