Alien Invasion Uses Thought Control

On January 9, 2013 by alieninvasion

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The Alien invasion is using thought control to influence an unsuspecting humanity. We have been living in what we think of as primarily a physical environment… but there is an environment made up of thoughts and images –  the mental environment. This is the environment in which the alien invasion is exerting its influence and control.

“How does a race such as yours maintain its freedom and self-determination amidst the presence of powerful and persuasive forces who will seek to undermine your confidence, your unity and your courage?”

The alien invasion “…is not a battle of weapons. It is not a battle of military might. It is a battle of will and intentions, a battle that is being played out on the mental environment—a great environment of influence where more powerful minds can influence weaker ones, an environment that humanity knows very little about.” The Allies of Humanity Briefings, Book Three

“You’ve got to remember these beings are telepathic beings. They tap right into your thoughts. I don’t want anybody tapping into my thoughts. When I was down in Brazil earlier I gave a paper on what it’s like to live in a telepathic society based on abductees’ testimony about the society that the aliens live in and the kind of telepathy that the abductees experience. And Sean, you don’t want that society. You want to be private. You want to keep your thoughts private. You want to have individual expression, individual thoughts. You want to be able to do what you want to do without anybody knowing. And in their society, that’s not necessarily true. It’s a different kind of society.” Prof. David Jacobs,  Temple University

There is preparation for maintaining privacy and countering this influence and persuasion in the mental environment. The alien invasion is very adept in this arena. Humanity has only just begun to explore this new frontier. A preparation was given to humanity by free races in our local region of space who hope to see our world advance and become strong presence in the universe. These free races are passing on the wisdom necessary to maintain this freedom. We can now develop these greater skills through a preparation called Steps to Knowledge.

Steps to Knowledge, which is told to be practiced throughout the universe by free extraterrestrial races, states that… “Our world is at the threshold of emerging into a Greater Community of intelligent life in the universe around us. Therefore, a more universal understanding and perspective on relationships, spirituality and human advancement are needed at this time. Steps to Knowledge is provided for those who show promise of being the primary contributors during the next great period in human history, where humanity begins to encounter other intelligent races from the Greater Community. This is the greatest threshold that we have ever faced. Yet from a Greater Community perspective, it is clear that humanity is not prepared.”

There is an essential need to develop the ability to counter and hold our own telepathically and maintain control of our own minds and thoughts. A new threshold requires a new approach to maintain our freedom in the face of the alien invasion.


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