About Alien Invasion

Even though alien invasion is a major theme of both science fiction stories and film, this website is not about the fantasies and fears projected by authors, screen writers and the media… this website is about the real presence of extraterrestrial races in our world and their hidden purpose for being here.

Our world is being visited by races from beyond who are here to gain access to our world’s rich resources – especially biological resources. This may seem fantastic to some but there is plenty of evidence to support the fact that alien craft and alien races have been active in our world for several decades. There is also good evidence provided by respected researchers that the presence of these races is directly interfering in and manipulating human affairs.

Many people believe and hope that extraterrestrial life will bring us peace, spiritual enlightenment or greater technology. However, most races in the universe are much like us in needing resources. Greater technology requires greater resources. Barren worlds need biological materials to sustain life.

We are at risk of being the naive and the unwitting hosts to an alien invasion. We must become educated and protect the sovereignty of our planet by being wise stewards of our home world and not believing that any alien race visiting our shores would do so for benign or altruistic purposes. We can look to our own history for the evidence of what occurs to the native peoples when foreign races arrive.

The alien invasion will not be a military invasion. The infiltration of the alien agenda is being played out in the arena of influence, manipulation, suggestion and persuasion. Many world powers are aware of this hazard…

“Are any of the world’s governments resisting the Intervention?”

“Yes, the United States and Russia are resisting the Intervention. That is one of the reasons they have ceased their competition that was so destructive over many decades. They are more cooperative now, for they realize they need one another to be successful in offsetting the impacts and the persuasion that is being cast upon humanity.
There are smaller governments assisting now, but primarily it is these two greater powers that hold such great military strength and persuasion in the world. It is they who had fallen under alien deception, and it is they who have now turned against the Intervention. That is why our contact on Earth, Marshall Vian Summers, can receive this information and can receive our Briefings and counsel without fear of government suppression.” The Allies of Humanity, Book Three, 7th Briefing.

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3 Responses to “About Alien Invasion”

  • Relieved USA and Russia against the intervention. Is Great Britain also against ?

  • Thank you for the reply I hope that is the case. Keep up the good work .

  • first off I desagree with the thought of an alien invasion. xtra terestial aren’t real in the sorts of visitors from a different planet. Ye there are extra terestial out there but they are spirit beings. Angls and demons are what we would call extra terestrial beings. honestly if God made the world couldn’t His enemies (not nearly as powerful mind you) make you hink you saw an alien? The could and if you want to talk to e about this then go to wattpad.com/chocolatepancakesta I’m willing to talk to you about this matter
    (I don’t mean to be rude or mean during this comment