The Alien Invasion’s Perspective On The Environment

On January 19, 2014 by Alien invasion

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Humanity could not exist without the support of the natural environment. Our very survival as a species rests upon our ability to extract valuable resources from this planet. What seems like common sense fails to be recognized by a majority of the world’s population. Our present civilization is not sustainable. In the Greater Community, the environment is considered to be the most important thing. The Allies of Humanity explain that technological societies all face the threat of resource depletion, so they give special consideration to sustaining the environment which they inhabit. Here are some of their insights.

Lush biological environments like the Earth’s are considered rare and highly valuable. Our planet is by no means unique, but it’s certainly a gem in a universe of mostly barren worlds. They estimate that perhaps 1 in 6,000 planets can match the Earth’s biological wealth. The abundance of life on such planets is used to regenerate life on other planets.

This is why these environments are considered even more important than the intelligent species that inhabit them. For instance, if humanity was to threaten the environment with complete collapse, our neighbors would militarily intervene. It would be considered ethical for them to do so. Some speculate that this is why there’s been so much interest in our nuclear weapons capacity. Not because we threaten their races, but because we’re putting this prized environment at risk.

As races progress technologically, it is not uncommon for them to deplete the resources they need to survive. They are then forced to trade for resources with other worlds and trading collectives. As you can imagine, this makes them highly vulnerable to outside persuasion. The Allies of Humanity explain that many races end up losing their freedom and sovereignty for this reason. Protecting the environment becomes a matter of planetary security.

The number of UFO sightings has increased in the past few decades. Abductees frequently report being telepathically told that the aliens are here to save us from ourselves. It is no surprise that the alien intervention has chosen this moment in our history to directly intervene into our affairs. We are on an environmental precipice. Humanity is facing environment collapse and resource depletion. This turbulent state of affairs will make our leadership more malleable to the machinations of the alien intervention. Preserving our resources and creating a sustainable civilization is the only means of guaranteeing our security.

Even highly technological societies must protect their environmental sustainability at all costs. Technology and the infrastructure that supports it are dependent upon a steady stream of resource inputs. There is no free lunch in the universe. Look at the present needs of technological cultures in our world today. Are they immune from the need for resources? In many cases, they have become even more dependent on them. Hoping that we will develop magical technology that does not need resources is dangerously naive. We should not bet human civilization on this assumption.

As humanity enters a Greater Community of intelligent life, our perspective on the environment must grow. We must think of ourselves as a planetary civilization. Is our present behavior sustainable for the next many generations? If not, then we are digging our own graves. Future generations will either curse us for our reckless behavior or thank us for our foresight.

Learning more about the Greater Community perspective on the environment is a great first step. We recommend:

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