Aliens Are Here Interfering in our World

On November 13, 2017 by alieninvasion

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The world could be overtaken without firing a shot. Humanity could fall under the persuasion of alien powers far more easily than you realize. And this could be accomplished by humanity itself, with a minimum of foreign intervention and foreign persuasion.  

Disclosing the Alien presence is not only what needs to happen, we also need to disclose the agenda that is being perpetrated upon the world.

Those races intervening in our world regard us as a resource. They do not consider us to be their equals . They do not value our religions, customs or cultures. To them we are an asset, a biological resource.  Our world to them is considered a biological storehouse. While those races intervening in our world want minerals they also want the building blocks of life- water, oxygen, blood, the resistance factors in blood. They also need plasma. They require the biological components that make up life and are essential to life throughout the Universe.

Many people are disappearing from our world, they are being abducted and taken against their will and those who have fought back against the alien Intervention have been eliminated as a result.







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