An Alien Occupation

Alien occupation refers to the possession, settlement, or use of land or property. It is the resources of earth, mineral and biological, that are highly valued by the alien presence in our world. The Alien Invasion is designed to occupy Earth.

All advanced nations in our world (America, China, UK, Russia, etc) and worlds throughout the universe need resources. Advanced technology does not decrease this need and as races advance technologically they deplete the resources of other nations, their own home worlds and other worlds. The alien invasion is such a group – they have become dependent on exploring and exploiting other world for their essential resources.

These alien races have banded together into what is called “Collectives.” They work together for the acquisition of resources but are not united beyond this. They represent different races from our local universe. They are skilled in telepathy – or what is rightly called “the mental environment.” They are highly skilled in this arena and can influence our thinking to become proponents for the alien occupation. They will project mental images and influence thought to reach their goals. They wish for us to aquiesce, to become part of their collective, to give over the sovereign rights of our home world. They will promise anything to anyone in power and those who will join with them to gain spiritual advancement, wealth or anything else what people desire.

We are in a precarious position and many people, instead of seeing the reality of the situation, have now become proponents of the Alien Occupation – even to the point of turning on their fellow humans. They have succumbed to the persuasion and manipulation that is now active in our world.

Deception hides the Alien Occupation

We must see through the deception that is being perpetrated upon us, see through the manipulation of our hopes and desires… We must not allow this to happen. It must stop and it must stop with those of us who are strong enough not to give way to these deceptions.

Humanity must unite in response to the silent alien invasion that is taking place right now, if not we will be occupied. If we do not see and stand for our freedom, humanity will be forced to live under an alien occupation. Our laws will not be own. Freedom will be lost to us. Spirituality will be lost to us. Our history, our cultures, and our essential humanity will all be lost to us.

Stand for freedom. Become educated about the alien occupation. Become strong in your thinking and your discernment. Let us not be deceived and let us join together in the greatest freedom movement ever to face humanity.

Our world. Our freedom. Our Responsiblity.


Alien Occupation


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One Response to “An Alien Occupation”

  • The Consequences of Accepting Foreign Technology:

    Imagine fossil fuels fuels were given to our world by extraterrestrials 100 years ago, instead of Western nations extenively mining and drilling for them. Imagine they were given in supply for 100 years, and we developed our civiliation the way it is today. Imagine now that extraterrestrial civilizations demanded we conform to their rules or they would cut off our supply of fossil fuels. Would we have a choice to say no? It would not be a choice. WE would be forced to conform to their demnads becasue of the disaster suddenly having no fosil fuels would create.

    That is why we must prepare to resist any offers of foreign technology- for it could be given to us for similar purposes. If we build our civiliazation on technology we cannot create or maintain on Earth, then we will be beholden to the extraterrestrial races that provide the resources that power that technology. What would they demand? What kind of society would be imposed upon Earth?

    Certainly not a free society, because why would any freedom be encouraged when the goal of our potential captors would then be to gain a stable supply of resources from our world and to maintain secure outposts for trade? Would a free society allow this? Would there be uprisings and revolts against extraterrestrials? Our potential captors would essentially be in control of how human society functioned, and they would not allow freedom because of the instability it would create in their power structure.

    Extraterestrials would do horrendous things to keep a tight hold on the running of our world. They may want to reduce the population forcibly. They may forbid freedom of speach, which is already present in some countries today, but can you imagine a WORLD without this right? They may enslave the people to get what they want. They may punish any resitance with death and mutilation. They may appoint and empower cruel dictators to enforce their policies from far away. They may promote a world religion of the state as a form of mind control. Our wolrd would be abhorrent if we came under control of any extraterretrial race.

    We must fight to resist any kind of offer of foreign technology from any extraterrestrials. WE must create the technology to sustain our civilaition. How can we become co-dependednt on a group we know nothing about? It is like entrusting our livlihood to the first person we meet in the big city- The first time ever having gone…and looking naive, unstable and vulnerable to everyone there.