This New Book About Aliens is a MUST READ!

On August 21, 2017 by alieninvasion


Humanity has reached a critical threshold in its evolution, a time of convergence when enormous political, social and environmental forces are colliding with the world-changing reality of alien contact. The Greater Community presents a revolutionary set of teachings to prepare people everywhere for the great change underway now, and to provide the clear and uncorrupted truth about the reality of contact that is occurring in the world today. — The Greater Community

Ever so often, a book that challenges the accepted dogmas of the alien research field is published. Such books are important markers in the evolution of humanity’s threshold of understanding. They change the nature of the conversation and expand our thinking.

We consider Karla Turner’s Into the Fringe: A True Story of Alien Abduction, David Jakobs’ The Threat: Revealing the Alien Agenda, and Marshall Vian Summer’s Allies of Humanity to be such mind-shattering works.

It’s time to add another book to this mighty list: The Greater Community: Contact with Intelligent Life in the Universe.

Received by Marshall Vian Summers over a number of years, it reveals:

  • Who is visiting our world, why they are here and what they want
  • The alien agenda at work in the world and how it is affecting people everywhere
  • Who the true allies of humanity are and how they are different from those forces intervening in our world
  • The relationship between our core spirituality and contact with other forms of intelligent life
  • How to prepare for the reality of contact using the innate power of Knowledge that lives within us.

Much of the information contained in this book has NEVER been revealed anywhere else. It unveils the alien agenda and details the best steps we can take to remain a free and sovereign race in the universe. This is a must read book for anyone living on this planet. We’re all in this together.

Read the entire book for free online and open your eyes to the greatest event in human history. Be part of the freedom movement!

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