Should We Do Business With Aliens?

On March 24, 2014 by Alien invasion

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“Humanity’s self-sufficiency means that everything you need comes from this one world so that you are not dependent upon trade and influence with others in the Greater Community— others who would easily take advantage of a young, emerging race such as your own.”

We have a lot of catching up to do. That much is clear. Last time I checked, aliens were visiting our shores — not the other way around. Human technology may be hundreds if not thousands of years behind. Interstellar trade seems like an easy way to leapfrog our way up the technological ladder. Is it wise for humanity to head in this direction?

Economic Dependency

Trading our way to technological parity is enticing but it comes with many dangers. We are only beginning to understand the complexities of the Greater Community. Any trading partnership that humanity establishes would necessarily be an unequal relationship. We would be very junior partners to greater powers. Our dependency would allow them to control us from afar.

Look closely at the world you live in. Great economic powers have a tendency to overwhelm their weaker trade partners. Economic dependency is often the result. One can buy advanced electronics in almost every country on the planet. However, how many of these countries have the ability to produce them? Trade has weakened their capacity to do so. Why produce when you can buy? The economic powerhouses prefer it this way. Keeps their trading partners compliant. Humanity must avoid this at all costs.

Trading Routes

“Within this region of space, you will not be able to travel freely should you escape the limits of your solar system. Trade routes are established and are maintained for those races that use them. Some are extremely private. Some are very large and engage with systems far outside this region.”

The universe is not ours for the taking. It already belongs to someone else. We cannot simply go out there and trade with whom we like. It is ridiculous to make this assumption.

What does the territorial landscape look like in this sector? Are we boxed in by competing powers or do we live in some space version of the Wild West? Where are these trading routes and how do we gain access to them? What if we cannot? These questions should rightly humble our expectations. Humanity may not even be able to trade with interested parties. It’s best not to pin all our hopes on this option.

Influence and Subterfuge

“Ultimately, no one on the outside should know what is going on in your world, not even your allies or potential friends.”

To trade with someone is to have a relationship with them. It would be difficult for humanity to maintain its discretion while simultaneously conducting trade with competing powers. Even trading partners in our world — the best of “friends” in every way — routinely spy on each other. How much more true this would be for an alien power thirsty for the resources we possess. If we are not ready to compete on this level, then we must not engage in trade with anyone. Why open our doors to competitors in this fashion? And for what? Trinkets from space? The price is too high.

Sober Up

The reality of life in the universe is a sobering one but it can make us stronger. Humanity should not do business with aliens unless it’s absolutely necessary. The risks far outweigh the benefits. We have the capacity to cultivate our own homegrown technological advancement. Doing so would assure our independence. It could unite us like never before.

It is a great time to be in the world. Learn more about trade and commerce in this region of space here:

2 Responses to “Should We Do Business With Aliens?”

  • This whole question is a joke. We don’t know anything yet about our ‘trade partners’, including if there’s any possibility there’s anything we have that they’d want or need and vice versa or if they’d be willing/able to share anything with us.

  • I wonder if we will ever have the opportunity to openly face our visitors, considering the covert nature of their activities, and the fact that they don’t seem to deem it necessary to ask our permission for anything they do here…

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