BREAKING: Russia and the United States are Cooperating Against the Alien Invasion

After being deceived by certain alien groups, the world's two great military powers are now opposing the alien invasion and defending our borders to space.

03rd Jul

Resource Wars: The Alien Invasion’s Dream Come True

Will humanity go to war over the remaining resources or will it cooperate and avoid collapse? The Alien Invasion is ready to take advantage of the situation.

09th Apr

Should We Shoot Down The Alien Invasion?

Hostile groups of aliens have been violating our sovereignty for decades. Human beings are abducted and experimented upon. Some of them never return. Is anything being done about this? As Earth's strongest powers prepare to war against each other, the alien invasion continues to act with impunity. As far as they're concerned, we are all the same. There is only one human family. From China to Micronesia, the threat of a hostile alien force can rally the human race to stand as a unified power. It must do so if we are to have any effectiveness in the greater community.

11th Mar

Is the Alien Invasion Promoting Human Conflict?

The United States and Russia are resisting the Intervention. That is one of the reasons they have ceased their competition that was so destructive over many decades. They are more cooperative now, for they realize they need one another to be successful in offsetting the impacts and the persuasion that is being cast upon humanity.

04th Nov

Alien Invasion Disabled Our Nukes – Retired Air Force Official

The recent Citizen Hearing on Disclosure was an opportunity for former military officers to disclose these frightening events to a larger audience. David Schindele, a retired Air Force captain, described how, in the 1960s, UFOs tampered with every nuclear missile at the Minot Air Force Base. They were rendered completely unlaunchable. David Scott had a similar experience. As a former sergeant in the US Air Force, he witnessed the alien invasion use a beam of light to disable nuclear weapons. Retired Air Force Captain Robert Salas concurred. In 1967, his air force base in Montana had its nuclear missiles shut down by a UFO flying overhead. Clearly, these were not isolated events.

11th Oct

Russia Unprepared for Alien Invasion

If you care about human freedom and sovereignty, please take a minute...

08th Oct