Resource Wars: The Alien Invasion’s Dream Come True

On April 9, 2014 by Alien invasion

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“As nations become more desperate in providing for their people, they will not sell food abroad. They will not export the very things that they need now more than ever. And it will not only be individuals who will go hungry; it will be entire nations. This will lead to war, and a war of a very desperate kind, a war not for political achievement or not for revenge, but a war of desperation, a war of one people trying to eliminate another people. It would be the cruelest and the most savage and devastating kind of conflict.” – from Quotes about War.

The great powers of the world are mobilizing for conflict. As we collectively obsess over insipid celebrity gossip and wait with bated breath for the latest and greatest gadget, powerful individuals behind the scene are planning for the next wars. They see the world for what it is: a planet with a deteriorating environment, collapsing economies and the very real possibility of widespread food insecurity. Be aware: they’re not the only ones who understand what’s to come. Will the alien invasion take advantage of a weakened and divided humanity?

The Allies of Humanity tell us that most worlds reach a point where they begin to deplete their vital resources. It is a predictable though dangerous moment in a planet’s evolution. Predatory groups from the Greater Community know this well. Races that are in dire straights can easily be manipulated. This is one of the reasons why the alien invasion has gone into its mature phase. Our great challenge is a moment of opportunity for them.

Will humanity go to war over the remaining resources or will it cooperate and avoid collapse? The answer can be found on the front page of any newspaper. The chessboard has been set and the world’s great powers are putting their pieces into play. Do not be fooled into believing this is about ideology or politics or religion. It is about who gets access to what. It’s about which country will maintain their lifestyle as others go hungry.

It does not have to be this way. A strongly cooperative humanity that intelligently shepherd’s the world’s resources is a possibility we can all begin working towards. This would be the alien invasion‘s worst nightmare. If you care about human freedom and sovereignty then you must work to preserve our precious resources. Every human is in the same boat. We will rise or fall together as one species. The only winners in the competition for resources are those that seek to use humanity as a resource.

Become a strong advocate for human cooperation. Tell your friends about why countries are truly readying for war. Spread the word: we need to work together to have any chance of thwarting the alien invasion. Keep learning. We highly recommend the following sources:

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  • So true. The Syrian civil war is due to the drought there that made thousands of farmers and their families go hungry.

    The farmers pleaded to the Assad (Syrian) government for help. When it was clear no help was coming, and starvation was looming, the farmers fought back. What other choice did they have but to die quietly?

    This is a war most intelligence analysts saw coming years ago due to the severe drought conditions. More wars like this will break out as the great waves of change disturb our climate and make growing food harder in arid regions.

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