The Galactic Rule the Alien Invasion Doesn’t Want You to Know About

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Alien Invasion

“There are other constraints against warfare in the Greater Community. Most trading societies belong to large guilds that have established laws and codes of conduct for their members. These serve to constrain the activities of many who would seek to use force to gain access to other worlds and their proprietary ressources. For warfare to break out on a large scale, many races would have to be involved, and this does not happen often. We understand that humanity is very warlike and conceives of conflict in the Greater Community in terms of warfare, but in reality you will find that this is not well tolerated and that other avenues of persuasion are employed in place of force.”The Allies of Humanity, Book 1, Third Briefing

Why hasn’t the alien invasion outright invaded us?

It’s a fair question. After all, their technology is vastly superior to anything we can field. This gives them a distinct advantage. If they sent an armada of 10,000 weaponized ships, could we really defend ourselves?

Instead of sending a military force to subdue us, however, they’ve chosen to stay in the shadows. On the darkest nights of the year, they abduct humans to further their hybridization program. They influence our political and business leaders. They brainwash or torment our best psychic minds.

It’s clear that aliens are undermining humanity’s freedom and sovereignty behind the scenes, rather than seeking to dominate us via military might. It’s kind of like what intelligence agencies on Earth do.

For instance, the US military hasn’t invaded most countries, but you can bet that the CIA and other agencies hold sway in many nations throughout the world.

Aliens are trying to position themselves as the powers behind the throne. Dictating Earth policy from afar like we’re some two-bit colony.

Why be so subtle about it when they could probably win any war against us?

Rules and Norms of Behavior in this Region of Space

“In understanding that all races must seek resources, you can begin to understand why anyone would come to your world.”Life in the Universe, Chapter 3

According to the revolutionary information shared by the Allies of Humanity, a small group of freedom-loving alien races in this part of the galaxy, we live in a densely populated neighborhood. Rather than being alone out here, or with perhaps one or two other alien civilizations, there are hundreds if not thousands of technologically advanced alien species in this sector. On top of that, they all fiercely compete against each other for resources.

The stakes are high. Without certain key resources, civilizations die off or fall under the control of others. Remember this point: it’s all about resources.

This said, aliens are not allowed to aggressively conquer newly found worlds and subdue technologically inferior species through force of arms. Those that try this are opposed by their neighbors.

Why? Because peace is good for trade. Trade is what moves key resources around, ensuring the continuing survival of alien species. All powers in this region have a vested interest in maintaining peace.

This keeps us safe from an outright military invasion. If the aliens that are currently interfering with humanity tried this, they would be opposed by a united front of other alien powers and ultimately have to withdraw.

Rather than the Wild West, we live in a sector of the galaxy that’s more akin to the European Union. There are rules and norms of behavior. You can’t just invade anyone you want.

The only exception is when a biologically rich environment is threatened by the native species. In this case, a military invasion is permitted because resources, once again, are the most important thing. Even more important than the continuing survival of an intelligent race.

We haven’t quite reached the stage where we are threatening the collapse of the entire Earth ecosystem, but if we do, we will be invaded. Until this happens, they will continue to try and subdue us in more subtle ways.

Avoid this trap!

It’s common to hear people say, “well since aliens haven’t invaded us, that proves that the aliens visiting Earth are peaceful and here to help or study us.”

Be careful!

Just because an outright invasion is disallowed, it doesn’t mean that they are not a threat. Earth has an enormous amount of biological resources that are immensely valuable in a universe filled with mostly barren worlds. We’re sitting on a goldmine of a planet.human-freedom

Aliens are competing to control our resources and use them for their own ends. They’re just being subtle about it, influencing us behind the scenes.

Their ultimate goal is to control humanity’s political, business, military and religious power structures.

If they can convince the human population to willingly invite them in and give them the reigns of this planet, then it’s technically not an invasion. They won’t be breaking the rules, and they won’t be opposed by other alien powers.

Duplicitous. Insidious. Cunning. Use whatever word you wish, but the bottom line is that the alien invasion is not to be trusted.

Humanity must remain a free and sovereign race in the universe. We have the real possibility of doing so because we’re protected against an outright invasion. It’s just a question of discerning their true intent and maintaining absolute vigilance on our borders to space.

It begins with you!

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  • I saw a big craft over the house when I was 10. I always thought they were sight seers of a class on a field trip. This clip I found in “Life in the Universe”. Thanks and I hope enough find this material in time.

    “In understanding that all races must seek resources, you can begin to understand why anyone would come to your world. They either want to enhance their security, or they are here to gain and acquire resources. There is no other reason to go visit worlds. Do not think there is a lot of tourism in the Greater Community. Perhaps between trading nations there may be. It is the problem of biological hazards. You may travel to another world to visit a museum or some kind of natural feature of that world, but because you are not of that world, there is always the problem of biological contamination. And this problem has not been universally solved. Between nations or worlds that have regular contact, it can be controlled. But for an outsider to enter these realms would either be prohibited or extremely restricted. So you must understand that anyone who comes to your world comes either to enhance their security or to gain present or future access to resources.

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