Human Strength Can Defeat The Alien Invasion

On November 19, 2013 by Alien invasion

If you care about human freedom and sovereignty, please take a minute and sign this petition against the alien invasion of this world. Your voice maters!


Human destiny lies in the stars. We are and have always been part of a Greater Community of intelligent life. It has found us. It is now here. Our collective challenge is now one of survival. Can humanity emerge free and sovereign in a competitive universe? The answer is yes, but it will have to be a stronger humanity consisting of stronger individuals. Cultivating a greater ability is absolutely essential. Remember: they have found us, not the other way around. We have work to do.

Our technology will have to grow to defend our borders to space, but this is not our main priority. The Allies of Humanity teach us that technology is not the prize in the Greater Community. It can play a role, but strength in the mental environment, an environment where stronger minds dominate weaker minds, is far more powerful. Small bands of cunning manipulators can take down technological powers without firing a shot. Think about it: if one can convince an enemy that one is a friend, then one can far more easily control this foe. The alien invasion in our midst is such a threat. Humanity will have to cultivate a greater set of abilities in the mental environment if it is to remain free.

Every human being has the responsibility to develop this greater mental strength. A spiritual practice like the Steps to Knowledge is absolutely integral. Concentration is power in the mental environment. The alien invasion is highly concentrated. We must rise up and match them. If you care about human freedom and sovereignty, this needs to become a priority in your life. Humanity is but a collection of individuals. We all have a role to play here.

We must also grow our understanding of the Greater Community. This is the environment that we operate in. To be effective operators, we need to learn as much about it as possible. The Allies of Humanity are a crucial source of information. No human being can afford to be naive about life in the universe as we cannot give the alien invasion the opportunity to manipulate anyone that lives on this planet. Our planetary security rests upon an educated populace that’s constantly watching the skies.

Human unity and cooperation must be promoted at every turn. The greatest weapon the alien invasion has is our disunity and proclivity to fight amongst ourselves. This cannot be allowed anymore. The stakes are too high. If we are divided, we shall surely be conquered. As individuals we have important roles to play in this respect. Are we promoting peace and human unity in our lives, or are we fanning the flames of conflict? What kind of message are we sending out into the mental environment?

Maintain confidence in yourself and in the power of the human family. Do not lose confidence in human leaders or institutions, regardless of their fallacies and their errors. Humanity has the strength to ward off intervention and persuasion and to emerge into a Greater Community of intelligent life as a free and self-determined race. Never allow anything to displace this faith and confidence, for there are many forces in the world today who are seeking to do just that.

We are all destined to play a role in humanity’s emergence into a Greater Community of life. This is the world we have come to serve. It is the most importance issue facing us today. If humanity cannot maintain its freedom and sovereignty we risk losing all that we have ever accomplished. Generations of human progress are at stake. There is no passing the buck here. As individuals, we each have a role to play. We each have a contribution to make. It must come from a position of strength, not weakness. Our minds must be educated and discerning, not ignorant and naive. Start today – humanity needs you.

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