Love, Light, And The Alien Invasion

On March 31, 2014 by Alien invasion

If you care about human freedom and sovereignty, please take a minute and sign this petition against the alien invasion of this world. Your voice maters!


“They will take advantage of your expectations, your desires, your fantasies and your grievances to establish this position for themselves. Look at the history of intervention in your world. Look how easily native peoples succumbed to the presence of foreign intervention. This must not be your fate.” — The Allies of Humanity on the Alien Invasion

You want a bit more love in your life. Okay — probably a lot. While we’re at it, we might as well make the world more loving too. Let’s try and say nice things, make nice gestures and smile more. We can fake it until the world gets it. Isn’t this a nice idea? Even the most spiritually uplifting idea can be turned around and used to disable people. The alien invasion has mastered this art.

Let’s consider the popular idea that we are love and ultimately at one with everything. It is true. Spiritual teachers and Messengers have been saying this for ages. An idea of this magnitude can rightfully unite and elevate the human race. It can also serve as a vehicle for its subjugation.

The alien invasion often turn this notion around and present themselves as our space brothers and sisters. It is very compelling. After all, if we adopt the idea that spreading love will make the world a better place, then why not start with our galactic neighbor? Wouldn’t that avoid conflict? Aren’t we all from the same place?

This makes perfect sense on a deeper spiritual level. All conscious beings share a common heritage. We are children of the creative energy that willed Creation into existence. However, on a practical level, such thinking can disable our ability to discern the intentions of aliens. They can and have used this against us. Our inherent spiritual bond should not lead to the assumption that they are here for a holy purpose. It should never rob us of our ability to think critically about the situation.

A stranger is just as connected to God and Creation as anyone else. Would you give her the keys to your house and access to your bank account? Of course not. You don’t know what her intentions are. You don’t really know anything about her – that’s what makes her a stranger. Life has taught us caution. It is a basic survival skill.

It is just as so with the alien invasion. The survival of the human race depends upon people everywhere assessing the reality of our situation with sober minds. The fact that we are love and united with all of Creation should never disable our critical thinking. We can be vehicles for the source of Love without naively trusting every stranger that shows up on our doorstep.

We absolutely must be “universe-smart” if we are to survive in the Greater Community. It is the most loving thing we can do for ourselves as it helps preserve our freedom for the next generations to come. Spread a little love today: tell people about the alien invasion. Your children’s children will thank you.

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3 Responses to “Love, Light, And The Alien Invasion”

  • Love and Fear is a terrific revelation. Thank you for this insightful article!

  • Great artwork but more important was what was said. The writers article is frank and matter of fact. 2 important points the writer makes I would like to quote. 1. “The survival of the human race depends upon people everywhere assessing the reality of our situation with sober minds. 2.” The fact that we are love and united with all of Creation should never disable our critical thinking”. Bravo to the writer for shinning a light on a dark subject known to only a few!

  • Such an important article, in an area (as Max comments) where there is massive confusion & programming of people: ET are physical, ET are technologically developed, more tech=more need for resources. So physical ET are the only ones interested in physical resources of our planet. The Human Family IS a physical resource to the ET, hence the massive abduction & hybridization program.
    Suggest readers take the crucial reconnection with Knowledge within them in the potent & effective pathway & start today, to prepare & empower themselves to resist the influence & cunning persuasion by these beings being cast upon the human family now. I am taking the Steps to Knowledge journey daily now, & its 365 free daily Steps have changed my life.

    What would a real spiritual practice do for your life & your 4 Pillars stability facing Intervention & the Great Waves of change? The preparation for me has been everything as have the relationships & awareness I am building between myself & Knowledge & God, with no middle man. The Allies are also Students of Knowledge & that is why they speak so eloquently of Knowledge in their experiences & guidance & harsh lessons of Intervention on their own home worlds.

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