Why Now? What Does The Alien Invasion Want?

On March 21, 2014 by Alien invasion

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“The wealth of the world is being spoiled and ruined, and the threat of this increasing has brought this Intervention here. It has also come because humanity has created an infrastructure that these races can utilize for themselves. You now have a worldwide community, worldwide communications, worldwide commerce and the beginnings of a worldwide government.”

What do they really want with us? It’s a question few people in the UFO community bother to ask themselves. Many pictures and videos are being made public these days. We can sometimes get so bogged down assessing source material that we forget to ask the big questions — the questions worth asking. A blurry disc on a screen will not tell you what you need to know. It’s imperative that humans discern why this alien invasion is taking place. Then we can start doing something about it.

Some of the best analysis comes from the Allies of Humanity material. It paints a realistic picture of the universe that allows us to firmly grasp our present predicament. Correct understanding is a precursor to wise action. In that respect, the Allies material is an important first step in our struggle for freedom and sovereignty.

Competition for Resources

The universe is nature on a grand scale. It’s not paradise. All beings in physical form require resources to survive. How much more true this is for great technological civilizations that have depleted their native world’s resources. Competition for limited resources happens everywhere in the cosmos, not just on Earth. Our understanding of the alien invasion must begin here. They are self-interested beings that need what we have.

The lush biological resources that make Earth such a special place are extremely valuable in the Greater Community. There are also certain rare metals that can be utilized by technologically advanced civilizations. We’re like a native tribe sitting on an oil well. We have no idea how valuable our planet is in a universe of mostly barren worlds.

Moment of Opportunity

The alien invasion has been with us for some time, though it has only recently begun going into its mature phase. In most cases, an intervention like this is only attempted when a civilization reaches a certain stage in its development. In our case, the development of electricity in addition to the discovery of atomic energy were important milestones that accelerated the invasion’s plans. We had to reach a certain technological stage before intervention could be attempted as they need a worldwide communication and transportation infrastructure to efficiently extract our resources.

However, they do not want us to get too technologically advanced. Our rapid technological development is a threat to them. This is another reason behind the increased tempo in these last decades.

Environmental Degradation

Abductees often report being told that the alien invasion is here to save us from ourselves. The aliens explain that without their help, humanity will destroy its environment through gross misuse and excessive pollution. In the Greater Community, biologically rich environments like ours are extremely valuable and considered somewhat of a public good. Native races are respected as stewards but if they threaten the collapse of the environment, it is considered legal and ethical to militarily intervene.

They are concerned that we will destroy our environment but it has nothing to do with helping humanity. They want to use it for themselves. Remember: aliens are just as self-interested as humans. They are not enlightened beings that travel from world to world doing good deeds. We certainly have the capacity to protect and replenish our environment without the dictates of a foreign power.


A correct analysis of the alien invasion is integral to maintaining our freedom and protecting our sovereignty. We cannot act intelligently unless we understand the what’s and the why’s. The Allies of Humanity provide an off-world perspective to our dilemma. Humanity can understand the alien invasion’s motives. We simply need to sober our minds and discern it from a greater vantage point.

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  • I am new but honest .

  • why now, doesnot have sense, they have centuries and centuries to do that, because the humanty before the 21 century was less defendless than now. Why now. Why now.

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