Psychic Abilities And The Alien Invasion

On February 8, 2014 by Alien invasion

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“We live in both a mental and physical environment. We can influence the mental environment around us, but to a far greater extent we are influenced by the mental environment. The mental environment contains forces that affect our thinking and emotions and that can dominate our personal minds. Many individuals and races in the Greater Community, including the Intervention, can exert tremendous influence in the mental environment, while humanity is largely ignorant that the mental environment even exists.”

She woke up and couldn’t account for a gross loss of time. The violation still lingered in her body. She suspected she’d been abducted. By who? By what? As a child she remembered them visiting on the darker nights of the year. Her body always knew when because she’d find herself paralyzed against her will, waiting for them to come. Searching for information on the internet was of little use. She trembled violently whenever the idea came up. She couldn’t shake the feeling of being violated.

Alien abductions invariably involve a heavy dose of psychic manipulation. People’s memories are wiped. Their feelings are toyed with. Aliens alter people’s very perception of reality, turning them into apologetics for the intervention. Humanity has never competed on this level. As the most intelligent species on this planet, we never had to develop skills in the mental environment. Or rather, our native psychic abilities were forgotten as we failed to cultivate them. Times are different now. Our ascendancy on this planet is being challenged. Humanity must cultivate this greater skill to successfully compete on this level.

We must learn to shield our thoughts and protect our minds from influence. This involves being able to block intrusions and thought forms that might be projected from thousands if not millions of miles away. We must maintain our awareness, even against technological tools that can be used to manipulate us. Individuals have successfully learned to do this.

Humanity must become better at distinguishing between a physical event and a spiritual or mental force. We often ascribe supernatural properties to things that we cannot readily explain. We are no longer alone. Part of the learning curve is accepting that we do not understand everything about the universe we live in. We must become very objective with our perceptions. What would happen if the alien invasion put on a grand show for us and made us believe that Jesus had returned? Could we pierce through their deception?

Concentration is power in the mental environment. Abductees often lose all ability to think around an alien presence. It’s not just fear. It’s because a less concentrated mind will fall apart around a more concentrated mind. That is just how minds work. You lose the ability to think. This can be observed amongst humans as well. For good or ill, concentration is power. Humans everywhere must cultivate greater mental concentration.

The only part of us that cannot be corrupted and manipulated is Knowledge, or what some might call our Higher Selves or Spirit. It is our greatest hope against the alien intervention. They do not use it, otherwise they would not be here. Spiritual training is more than mere personal growth or the quest for enlightenment. It is how humanity will maintain its freedom. People everywhere must become adept. We must reclaim our relationship with Knowledge if we are to have any chance at competing with the alien forces in our midst. Learning to follow and express our Spirit is the key to human freedom. People around the world are already doing this. More are needed.

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