Should We Shoot Down The Alien Invasion?

On March 11, 2014 by Alien invasion

If you care about human freedom and sovereignty, please take a minute and sign this petition against the alien invasion of this world. Your voice maters!


You must resist the Intervention. You must recognize it is nothing more than competition from beyond the world. — Allies of Humanity.

Human history is a bloody affair. Groups, tribes and nations have all been on a permanent war footing for eons. This learned behavior is but a necessary means of survival in an environment with limited resources. How much more true this is within the greater galactic environment that we inhabit. Competition for resources is fierce. Even peaceful races must be ready to defend themselves against aggressive neighbors. Can humanity rise to the challenge?

Hostile groups of aliens have been violating our sovereignty for decades. Human beings are abducted and experimented upon. Some of them never return. Is anything being done about this? As Earth’s strongest powers prepare to war against each other, the alien invasion continues to act with impunity. As far as they’re concerned, we are all the same. There is only one human family. From China to Micronesia, the threat of a hostile alien force can rally the human race to stand as a unified power. It must do so if we are to have any effectiveness in the greater community.

We are technologically behind. It will be a challenge to control our territory, but it will be a redeeming one. Earth’s greatest powers should come together and massively fund humanity’s leading minds. Imagine the possibilities. It would be the Manhattan Project of our generation. It would give pause to every hostile alien force in our midst. Our rapid technological advancement in but the last 100 years is proof that giant leaps of progress are possible. Technological parity may be out of our reach, but we can certainly muster up the strength to challenge them in our own backyard. Human freedom depends on it.

The need for strength should never be misinterpreted as a call for conquest. Living in peace with our neighbors is the only sure way to protect human civilization. However, it must be a guarded peace – hammered out from a position of mutual respect. We must become a power to be reckoned with if we are to be left alone in the cosmos.  An adequately armed vigilant humanity is a prerequisite for peace.

Should we shoot them down? All crafts that fail to respect our sovereignty over this planet should be fired upon. We will not be left alone until we make it clear that we are ready to fight for our freedom. A good analogy would be the Japanese dealings with European traders. As Marshall Vian Summers explained in his Project Camelot interview, the Japanese decried the influence these traders had on their people, so they burned every ship that entered their harbor. The Europeans eventually got the picture. Japan enjoyed centuries of sovereignty while neighboring countries were colonized one by one. The choice is obvious.

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