How To Talk To People About The Alien Invasion

On March 17, 2014 by Alien invasion

If you care about human freedom and sovereignty, please take a minute and sign this petition against the alien invasion of this world. Your voice maters!


“Humanity does not recognize its advantage in living in a highly populated region of space where military conquest is not allowed and where war and violence are rare. You do not realize the advantage this gives you. If you raise your voice against the Intervention, it is put at risk. If you oppose the Intervention, if enough people can do this, the Intervention must withdraw.”

Our sustained interaction with alien life is the most consequential event in human history. It is a new threshold in our long evolution as a species. Will it unite humanity or lead to its destruction? The verdict is still out but one thing is certain: enough people need to start paying attention otherwise this great event will overtake us.

It can be a difficult subject to broach with people. Even those closest to you may not be prepared to take this information in. The anthropocentric view of the universe is at the very core of most human cultures and religions. Shaking up anyone’s belief system is risky business. However, if there is an opening, you must try. The hour is late. More people need to become aware of what’s happening.

Looking for this opening can be as easy as asking them whether or not they think we are alone in the universe. This question is on many people’s minds – even people you would never suspect of entertaining such lofty notions. Such is the greatness of our time.

Be prepared to hear about how if aliens exist, they are probably very far away and could never reach our shores. This is a common misconception that you will hear a lot. Rather than attacking it head on, question the rationale behind the statement. Is it possible that human scientific understanding might be surpassed by advanced alien societies? Remind the person that we have only been at this for a few hundred years. Might the speed of light be broken given a further few thousands of years of scientific inquiry? An open mind about this issue is a promising sign that this person can be reached.

Continue your conversation by wondering why aliens would want to reach us. What might their motives be? Encourage the sharing of many ideas, however fanciful. You may hear people hoping aliens bring wise leadership or spiritual enlightenment to humanity. Do not attack this thinking, however naive it may sound to you. The objective is to stimulate the person’s thinking on this issue – not win an argument.

As you both entertain ideas about why they may want to come here, bring up the need for resources as one possible reason. Emphasize the rarity of planets like Earth in a universe of mostly barren worlds. Ask the person whether they think biological  resources might be valuable to civilizations that live in resource-depleted technological environments. Open their mind to the possibility that even alien civilizations might engage in competition for resources.

If the person seems engaged and interested, this might be a good time to share a book with them. Many people have an intuitive sense of what is happening, though they cannot readily accept it with their worldly mind. When they come across a book like the Allies of Humanity or Life in the Universe, it can trigger a deep resonance within them. This experience holds the power of changing someone’s life.

The hour is late. Humanity is unprepared. The next few generations will determine whether or not humanity remains a free and sovereign race in the universe. It is important that you try to spread the word whenever you can. Like a muscle, it gets stronger with use and practice. Become discerning about who is ready to receive this information but do not hold back when the opportunity is right. Do not lose heart. There are millions of people simply waiting for this information.

Have you discussed the alien invasion with people? What has been effective in reaching them? Leave your comment below and share what you know.

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3 Responses to “How To Talk To People About The Alien Invasion”

  • Thank you so much for what you are doing in getting this info. out to the people! I for one am spreading the word. I talk about the alien invasion with someone at least once per day. Mostly, people think that there is intelligent life out there but no way aliens can travel to us. I’ve tried adding the idea that they are thousands of years ahead of us technologically as well as in the arena of mental development. I find that people are very heavily indoctrinated and cannot hear this. The fear has a strong hold.

    I’ve also found that the people I’d assume would be the least likely to be open to this idea are actually the ones most open to it, saying, “I believe it!” This gives me hope! Additionally, many humans in their late 20’s-30’s are waking up to their larger mental capacity energetically and beginning to enter the “mental environment.” At least those of us in-touch with our bodies. If we can learn to teach this, it will be of great service. I am getting involved in that currently. The electromagnetic energies pulsing through us (and the entire universe) is apparent and I am regularly seeing evidence of my mental influence upon my immediate environment. It’s pretty amazing and fills me with hope!

    Lastly, I’d like to say that I called in to the Thom Hartmann show last week regarding the disappearance of flight 370 (after a couple callers phoned in suggesting it could be an alien abduction–which I agree with). I got on the air with Thom (who has seen a UFO himself) and mentioned your website as well as the new message. His show has an audience of around 2 million per week. So hopefully we’ve reached some more folks with a dose of Truth.

    Thank you again for what you do! I’ll keep spreading the word far and wide!! Blessings!

  • The biggest issue, apart from the anthropocentric viewpoint that many conservative people still cling to, is the faster-than-light technicality. Many science-minded people fancy that, because certain things we know today (or think we know!) indicate that it is impossible, nothing will ever change that fact. People also like to think, it would seem, that we are somehow one of the more advanced races in the universe, and that it is unlikely that other advanced races would ever find us, let alone visit us.

    Also, the taboo on the subject of UFOs itself tends to get you some strange looks from people who are not used to or comfortable with this issue. Because the mainstream media does not readily cover the Intervention to any great degree, if at all, there seems to be a consensus that it must not be real, that is just one more set of conspiracy theories. This is easier to live with than having to deal with the idea of something more real and more serious actually occurring in our world today!

    I recently came across AnonymousFO, and I recommend to anyone who would like to be able to refer to documented sightings to go and find their youtube channel, where they post monthly compilations of documented sightings.

    Thanks for this website, I really appreciate your effort to reach out to others!

  • Marshall Vian Summers gave this advice to the students of the Free School of the New Message on July 5, 2014: “Whether they are ready or not, once people hear you speak of [these things], they will never forget it.” And a member of the Society for the New Message from God added that she “found that it is important to be known as ‘that ET/UFO’ person. They may scoff, deny at first, but down the road, they remember this, and come back to ask questions, to learn more.” Join the Free School here:

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