Human Freedom and the Alien Agenda

On October 7, 2013 by Alien invasion

If you care about human freedom and sovereignty, please take a minute and sign this petition against the alien invasion of this world. Your voice maters!

Freedom is rare in the universe. It is not something to be taken for granted. Even in our world, freedom is a rare gift. It is difficult to achieve and always a challenge to preserve. The reality of physical existence means that there is an intense competition for resources everywhere. The alien invasion must be seen in this context. They are not here for our sake. They want what we have. If humanity is going to preserve its freedom and independence, we will have to adapt. We must become a stronger race.

According to the Allies of Humanity, which offer the best analysis of the alien agenda, there are three primary requirements to be a free and independent race in the universe: discretion, unity, and self-sufficiency.

Discretion is needed because the universe is an incredibly competitive environment. We are the small kid on the block, peering out of our door for the first time. We are also incredibly wealthy given the highly prized biological resources available on this planet. The big kids are watching and looking for opportunities. The more we keep to ourselves, the better. Humanity will have to stop recklessly broadcasting its signals into space. Our secrets need to remain so.

Unity is crucial given that we must marshal all of our resources and energies to maintain our freedom in the universe. This does not mean one world government where everyone thinks the same. It simply means greater cooperation amongst our competing nations. We must work together to defend our borders to space. United we will stand, divided we shall fall. No one country will benefit if we collectively lose our freedoms to a foreign power. All human beings are in this together.

Self-sufficiency means that all of our resources and technology must come from the earth. We should not enter any trade arrangements with alien powers. We can understand this from our own history. One way of controlling an adversary is to control the resources they utilize. One can undermine an entire civilization by simply refusing them access to vital resources. Can you imagine if our entire energy grid was powered by alien technology we could not duplicate? We would become servants in our own homes, afraid of defying our technological masters. This is why we must become a sustainable civilization in every way. The destructive use of our precious resources must end today.

Humanity has much work to do if it is to remain free and independent. The three requirements are a great place to start. As individuals we all have a responsibility to strengthen our race, for humanity is but a collection of individuals. Cultivate discretion in your own life. Encourage cooperation and understanding in the world. Help make our planet sustainable by reducing the resource you use. We will all have to pull together if we are to maintain our freedom and sovereignty in the universe.


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