3 Reasons Why Aliens Live Underground

On January 25, 2014 by Alien invasion

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The whole idea of underground bases sounds pretty crazy, right? Try using those two words in polite conversation. See what happens. You’ll either be dismissed as a conspiracy theorist or asked if you’re into Austin Powers. Mention that advanced alien civilizations choose to live below ground for security reasons and you’ll probably make their heads explode. Popular culture and the media that feeds it have worked overtime to make sure people laugh at all sorts of things that are true. That’s alright. It won’t keep us from considering the universe as it truly is.

The fact that most alien societies choose to live underground is just one of many insights gleamed from the works of Marshall Vian Summers. Why would any civilization go through the trouble? Isn’t it a lot more pleasant to be outdoors? I personally think so, but I’m starting to see things from their point of view. Imagine a universe of technologically adept aliens constantly spying on each other, seeking advantage and probing for weaknesses. Not an easy place to be. Protecting both your population and the infrastructure that supports it by hiding it deep underground seems very sensible. Discretion is necessary for survival in highly competitive environments. Ask any business person or politician.

We live on a real gem of a planet. Have you explored the universe recently? You probably noticed that most rocky worlds are barren wastelands. Not worth any self- respecting alien’s time. Unless she’s really good at living underground, that is. Many worlds with inhospitable climates can be colonized this way. The Allies of Humanity have an interesting point to make here. They explain that underground populations are less at risk to crazy weather. Think about the massive tsunamis and hurricanes that have ravaged humanity. Not a problem if you live underground.

Living inside a planet also allows alien cultures to fully control their environment. Like on a spaceship or a submarine, they live in a fully contained system. Imagine being able to sterilize your environment such that harmful bacteria and viruses no longer threaten your population. Or how about making sure everyone has perfectly clean air to breathe? Living underground makes these things possible. It’s conceivable that people in heavily polluted areas of our world will one day choose to live underground for these very reasons. I’m looking at you, China.


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