3 Reasons Behind The Alien Abduction Program

On March 3, 2014 by Alien invasion

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Something very wrong is happening in the world. The underlying sense of anxiety you feel when your thoughts go quiet is not misplaced. It speaks to a greater awareness within you. It calls for your attention. Deep down you know that there is an alien invasion. The intervention into human affairs is subtle but dangerous. The most overt aspect of it is the alien abduction program. Few discerning humans dispute this fact, but far fewer ask themselves why. Why are aliens abducting humans? What is this all about?

The Intervention wants to know everything about you— how to govern your views, how to motivate your feelings, how to stimulate your emotions, how to make you behave in the ways that it wants you to behave. For control of the human mind and perception is essential to its ultimate goals of governance in this world. — The Allies of Humanity

We understand lab rats pretty well. No human can tell you exactly what’s happening in those little rodent brains, but that’s not necessary. We just need to know enough to use them. That’s one reason behind the alien abduction program. Aliens want to understand what makes us tick. They are tasked with finding ways to control our behavior and manipulate our perceptions. They subject us to cruel experiments to further these ends. Given that the alien invasion is here in extremely small numbers, they are wholly dependent upon their abilities in the mental environment. They cannot succeed without them.

Abductees are the strongest advocates for the alien invasion. These well-meaning humans are manipulated into becoming ambassadors for the very forces that violated them. The intervention cannot easily operate here without human acquiescence. Robbing us of our will to resist is critical to this effort. Aliens will continue abducting people for this reason so long as their influence here is tenuous. It is an efficient way of gaining converts.

Those who are intervening in your world today are not interested in the resources that you hold most dear. They are interested in biological resources, particularly those resources that represent the building blocks of life—genetic agents, chlorophyll, blood and plasma. These are the things that are valuable and are greatly needed in a universe full of barren worlds…  From these, medicines are made. From these, new life forms are bred. These substances are valuable commodities in certain parts of the Greater Community. — The Allies of Humanity

Humanity is a valuable resource, especially when broken down for parts and sold on the black market. This shocking aspect of the alien invasion is rarely discussed. Is it really that surprising? We use animals in much the same way.

Our universe is filled with mostly barren worlds. Biological resources are extremely valuable. When we need blood, we cannot just create it out of thin air. It must come from somewhere. Consider a society that uses genetic engineering on a large-scale. Their need for biological components are enormous. Where would they get them? Many alien cultures have exhausted their native resources long ago. Our biology is a useful commodity. Human rights do not apply.

Do not despair. There is reason for hope. The alien abduction program can be resisted. It must be resisted. It will be resisted!

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  • Alien abduction is indeed a reality we have to deal with. The main factors behind alien abduction are:
    – profiling of the average human being. How they cope with the unexpected
    – classification of pathogen threats to the alien race.

  • This is real stock up on supples n things to protect your family

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