7 Signs You’re A Victim of an Alien Abduction

On October 13, 2014 by alieninvasion

If you care about human freedom and sovereignty, please take a minute and sign this petition against the alien invasion of this world. Your voice maters!


“The taking of people against their will must be exposed and denounced. It is for an insidious purpose. It can only weaken and divide the human family even further. You must recognize that competition now exists—competition from beyond the world. This competition must be recognized and must be exposed. Those who have believed that this presence is here for humanity’s good must see that this is not the case, that they have been deceived and that those who have been taken against their will believe in things that they were encouraged to believe.” — The Allies of Humanity

Alien abductions are real and have been happening for decades. Abductees are victims who have done nothing wrong. No one ever asks to be abducted. It is a deceptive and insidious crime against humanity. Aliens have the psychic capacity to make sure their abductees don’t feel victimized. It’s likes violating someone then convincing them you’re the new Messiah. A neat little arrangement.

Of course, abductees are the first to tell you how wonderful it was. It’s all part of the game. Aliens need a compliant abductee, so the alien invasion will play to people’s spiritual ideals and the need to feel special. Those with inherent psychic abilities will be encouraged to feel gifted for having been chosen. Are you seeing the problem here?

There is hope. Humans can increase their mental powers and spiritual capacity to such an extent that they become more of a problem and nuisance for them. Alien abductors will avoid these people. You have this power!

Awareness is the First Crucial Step

The first step is awareness. Are you a victim of an alien abduction? These 7 signs are a good place to start. Read the list with an open heart and an open mind. Deep down, there’s a part of you that cannot be corrupted or manipulated by the alien invasion. Quiet your mind and ask it sincerely. Ask it over and over again until you get an answer. You can do this!

  1. You have inexplicable lapses of memory that cannot be explained. During an alien abduction, abductees will have their memory wiped or tampered with. This is a sign that something might be up.
  2. On some nights, you are paralyzed with the thought that someone is coming for you. The suggestion to wait in a certain spot might be implanted within your thinking.
  3. You feel great inner restraint and difficulty when trying to research the subject. Victims of alien abductions will sometimes feel really nervous and uncomfortable whenever they try to learn more about alien abductions. They’ve implanted this feeling deep within your mind. Push through!
  4. In spite of your deep intuition that something terrible is happening, you cannot help but think positive and loving thoughts about Aliens. Be wary. Humans are being abducted against their will. Are you really so sure that aliens are spiritual beings here on a mission of mercy? Who told you this? How do you know for sure? What if you’re wrong?
  5. You cannot easily sleep alone or without the lights on. Alien abductions usually happen at night. A deeper part of our psyche begins to make that association.
  6. You frequently have dreams, either loving or frightful, about aliens and alien abductions. This may be a part of your consciousness, the part that cannot be manipulated by outside forces, clueing you into what’s really happening.
  7. Close friends or family confess to having fallen victim to alien abductions, either recently or in their childhoods. This is a red flag. There’s a history of entire families or close relations having been victims of abductions. This may have something to do with the genetic engineering programs they are undertaking. Ask around. Has anyone you know been abducted?

This list doesn’t prove anything for certain, but it’s a start. Only the deeper part of you, the part we call Spirit or Higher Self or Buddha Nature or Christ Consciousness or Knowledge, knows for sure.

What Now?

If you suspect something’s up, consult the following resources to begin to take your power back. You’re not alone in this. Others have successfully thrown off the shackles of alien abductions. You can too!

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12 Responses to “7 Signs You’re A Victim of an Alien Abduction”

  • Want to know more

  • So I was at school on November 3rd 2015 and during 4th peroid I asked to go to the bathroom and when I walked out of the stall I remember taking one step and then in the next instant I was in front of the sink and am drying my hands after I washed them and I don’t remember it. Someone was in there with me and she didn’t say anything about me blacking out or acting weird or anything but I was really confused. When I got back to class it turns out I have been gone for 1/2 hour and I don’t remember it at all. It’s over 7 hours later and the inside of my head feels almost cloudy. I sometimes wake up in odd places, like sitting in front of my bedroom door leaning against it. I have woken up on the kitchen table and I have woken up outside and under my bed. I wake up with a lot of bruised and scars that I can’t explain and I have a dog that won’t let me leave my room without coming with me and being at my side. I often have timed where I am doing something and then I think I was doing it for only a couple of minutes and it’s really been 4 hours. And I’m really confused afterwards and my head always feels cloudy or overly full of stuff that I can’t remember no matter how much I try to.

  • bull shit

  • Your information about “alien abductions” are erroneous. There is a permission on higher (soul) level to participate in this “hybridization program”. They do not take us against our free will. They do not want harm us. All negative experiences are based on fear. But it is not because of “negative aliens”. It is because individual (abductee, contactee) has beliefs based on fear. They are afraid, they don’t understand what is happening to them, so they create feeling of pain, but there is no physical pain. There is nothing causing pain, there is nothing to be afraid of. I am an “alien abductee” and I was born with sacred mark (birthmark). If you believe every extraterrestrial is negative, check your beliefs, because they are based on fear. They are spiritual beings just like we are. Of course there are negative beings, but also positive. So CHOOSE what reality, what vibration, frequency you want to experience. This website may work and be “logical” for sceptic people or people who are totally CLOSE-MINDED, OUTDATED, OUTFASHIONED. But for the others, just like me it is NONSENSICAL, ILLOGICAL, MISINTERPRETED, MISINFORMED. EDUCATE YOURSELF AND BE OPEN MINDED. Resources you have mentioned are misinformed too and are not providing the real information behind the alien agenda. WAKE UP. It is a transformational age, don’t be so outdated. Shivai

    • You my agree to alien abduction and experimentation, but many of us do NOT.

      To violate a person’s free will is a violation of their spirit, a violation of a sovereign individual. And it MUST STOP.

  • I have had some experiences with lost time before. Sometimes I find scratches or marks and I don’t know how they got there.

  • Hey!….
    Yesterday i had a dream of an alien invasion….
    Nd in my dream, when i went to sleep in my dream,then i woke up in my real life….
    I found myself really very uncomfortable…then i saw a some light behind the doors nd a shadow of some humanoid creature…..
    Is it true?? Is this happens!!?

  • When I was 7 I was abducted…I don’t remember how I got to where I was , but I was in this really big space with a see through dome….the room was so bright I could barely see. What little I was able to make out was people were hanging in mid air it seemed like , and I seen clear wires running in through their skin. It was clear these people that were hanging were very human , but they were hairless and pale in color. They had a white paper , cloth types of sheets only covering the privates and breats. I don’t remember what happened after seeing those people. Then all of a sudden I’m standing in a field that was easily 1 1/2 miles fromy house. I then walked all the way back to my house and was locked out. I knocked on the front door then and my mom freaked out that I had been outside and another reason BC I was completely soaking wet, but what’s weird is the fact that there was no rain or anything close by that I could’ve gotten that dripping wet from. Anyone else have any memories similar to this?

  • Do you believe in something without seeing it?

    This is illogical, no matter how logically reasonable you articulate it. Deceivers try to use reason and logic by tricking you into believing in something without seeing it.
    Only weak people talk about beliefs and religion. I laugh. Man created the idea of, “belief.”

    There is no such thing as positive or negative, they are just ideas to cause division among people. Another one of man’s creations.

    The only thing that exists is reality, and its right in front of your, “face.”

    The sun shining on your face. Now this is real, something you see and feel. So you don’t have to believe it, because after you see and feel it, you absolutely know its real. And that’s the difference between knowing, and believing.

    Believing is a false ideology, used by individuals to control you. They instill this into your mind, similar to mind control, or brain washing. They tell you a thousand times to, “just believe.”

    Well after this….. they can tell you anything and you will believe it.

    If you follow the paper trail, you will only find greedy people looking to make a profit.

    If you believe in aliens, the ones you can’t see. You should think again about what your really saying.

    “I am a crazy person”

    This is really what your thinking subconsciously. Remember crazy people don’t know they are crazy. They substitute fantasies to escape reality.

    I don’t follow anybody. I don’t believe in anything.
    I only know reality, knowledge, and strength. Everything else is false.

    So if you people here want to follow these ideological cult people do so at your own demise.

    I am free, what about you?

    • There are many things which are beyond what the 5 senses can detect, namely the Divine Presence which is with us all.

      Freedom is to be used to serve that which is our destiny and that which is beyond the control of the mind.

      Many Alien races focus solely on the mind and don’t appreciate the greatest force in the universe that lives within all sentient beings.

      It is this force which is the key to thwarting the subtle Alien Invasion on this planet.

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