8 Practical Techniques to Shield Your Mind

On July 9, 2015 by alieninvasion

Humanity is not ready for contact

“You have not yet developed the ability to shield your thoughts, which will be necessary in the future if you are ever to compete successfully with Greater Community forces.” – Wisdom from the Greater Community

This is true. I have not yet developed the skills needed to shield my own thoughts from intrusions in the mental environment. I can share a few techniques to assist the practice, and practice is the key word! This is not magic, this is the development of natural ability by following a training used throughout the universe.

8 Practical Techniques

  1. The most essential, most reliable, most effective–fun and easy to do, only requiring the willingness to follow: Steps to Knowledge, a free download of 365 practices that you are only asked to take seriously, and not to simply read–these are practices.
  2. Ask, when a thought, feeling or impression occurs to you, where is that coming from?
  3. Practice being as clear minded, neutral, observant and objective as you can at any given moment.
  4. Take mini-retreats to assess your environment, visible and invisible. If you have been on the computer for an hour, look at the horizon to stretch your eyes. Stretch your body, too. Take a sweep of your personal environment–what is waiting for your attention?
  5. Observe incitement to fear, anger, hate and judgment. Disengage by looking again, where is the incitement coming from? Do not fear, do not love, do not hate.
  6. Do not fear, do not love, do not fall apart. Your emotional engagement is where you allow attachment. Where you are attached you are vulnerable.
  7. Examine yourself: do you have tendencies within yourself to fall apart easily dealing with adversity? Then take every adversity experience you have and use it to build strength. Know your tendencies, know your vulnerabilities.
  8. Do not isolate yourself. Know who are your allies that will tell you your vulnerabilities.

What Can the Alien Invasion Do If You Don’t Shield Your Mind?

“In the mental environment, you have to learn how to shield your mind. Others who have skill here are able to do this—to block intrusions, to block potent forces, to block thought forms that are projected at one and to maintain one’s awareness if one is being affected by technology, by forms of radiation, by scanning and things of this nature…. As it is today, an individual from a Greater Community could simply dominate your mind. You would think what they want you to think. They would put thoughts in your mind and you would say them. They would stimulate your feelings, your desires or your fears, not by providing images, but simply through power in the mental environment. If you are able to have an objective experience of your mind, to realize that who you are is not your mind and to objectify your experience within your mind, you can resist these temptations. But you must have another foundation within yourself, a foundation of Knowledge. Then you can build a shield; then you can prevent penetration; then you can disassociate yourself from the part of your mind that is being stimulated.– Life in the Universe

Build Your Spiritual & Psychic Strength

Continue your research! This is only the beginning. The alien invasion will avoid those who are able to shield their minds. We recommend the following resources:

3 Responses to “8 Practical Techniques to Shield Your Mind”

  • Shielding my mind is important for me as an individual. But how do I protect my whole world from alien invasion?

    This Facebook Group is beginning to consider this question: https://www.facebook.com/groups/extraterrestrialthreat/

  • I strongly agree that we are being influenced very heavily and lots of time, we just follow although we know that our behaviors will yield overall negative results. Why is this? It is an intervention so huge that we cannot have a clear picture of it. It happens in our mental environment and it affects our physical environments as well.

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