Alien Abduction

What is alien abduction? 
It is when people are taken on board alien craft with or without their knowledge for purposes of experimentation or reprogramming to support the alien agenda. Never think that the taking of men, women and innocent children by the alien presence in our world has any benefit for us.

At this moment, alien craft come and go at will. We, the people, thousands of people, are being taken against our will. Biological resources are taken against our will. Access to individuals in positions of power are made against their will.

Do not think we can change the aliens who are a part of the covert alien invasion through persuasion.  They do not have the discernment or the will to understand our perspective. They are only carrying out their duties as they have been bred to do. Though they are biological beings and still have the potential for Spirit, the likelihood of us being able to persuade them is very, very limited. They are functioning mindlessly. They do not have the moral foundation we have.

Personal freedom is unknown to them, and they do not value it, they have been taught that personal freedom is chaotic, unruly and destructive. They would not accept our pleas and our admonitions. And even those who manage and control those here on earth, though they have greater authority, will not comprehend our complaints or our persuasions.

The Intervention and the alien abductions will not be stopped through persuasion. It will not be stopped by us trying to create dissension amongst its ranks. The Intervention will be stopped when we have created a voice against it and we, the people, are united in preventing it from happening in the world.

There is not yet the collective agreement and resistance yet to offset any of these intrusions of these violations of our fundamental rights such as alien abductions. This must change. And it must start with us. It must start with me and you and with others like us who have a greater awareness and sensitivity.

“For the vast majority of people in your world, the Intervention will be unknown and completely hidden. Yet for those who become aware of it, either because they have been taken, or because they have witnessed evidence of the Intervention in your world, these individuals will either be encouraged to believe and to support the Intervention or they will be cast aside and tormented by it. Already, there are individuals in your world, we understand, who have been cast aside and who are tormented, who have seen and felt and recognized things that they cannot incorporate into their understanding. Finding no compassion amongst their human fellows, they deteriorate into depression and into self-disassociation.” From The Allies of Humanity, Book Two.

But there are also people who have suffered alien abduction who now succeed in resisting the influence and persuasion that has taken place in their lives. They have become strong, courageous and wise. The voice of those who see and know the truth is beginning to gain momentum. This is needed now. Exercise you own authority and overcome manipulation and persuasion.

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4 Responses to “Alien Abduction”

  • Nasi Novare Coram

  • Dear All,

    Me Anik, I am a graduate electrical engineer, now in Power Sector in Bangladesh.

    I have a very similar story of abduction as i go through your site and read the stories of people.

    I think its time to share my experience.

    First one happened when i was in college. I can only remember a circle light coming down from sky, and became more and more big and bright. It was quite horrible experience, my whole body was vibrating like paper and i felt like i m floating. After that i have a very sharp spiritual feeling that something beyond earth came to me. I was in love that time with my neighbor girl, though i didn’t tell her that time, we just feel ourself from distance sighting on top of the roof. I told you this additional story because 2nd abduction was little bit related to her.

    2nd time abduction happened when i was in engineering university, luckily we both got chance to admit ourself in same university. At that time we both were in peak of our love life. 2nd time, the place is different, i was in another house and sleeping like 1st time. I can remember the same feelings happening again, i was in deep fear, and watching light became bigger and brighter, such a bright light! Such fear! Such helplessness! I cant remember anything after that, but when i feel i was in bed again, i saw a Beard Man little bit angry and not so happy about myself, he told me just two line…” Do it now, what you should do.. Just do it now “… After that i heard some strange inside talking, i felt i need to say good bye to Her, or they will probably kill her.

    After that i ditched her, my whole life ruined, yes i feel myself so special, i got interested in quantum physics, my understanding process became in such higher stage that i can understand and predict many things. All the time inside me someone tells me i am here for something, something special, i lost interest in girl, i lost interest in everything except physics and nature. My age is 33 now, still unmarried, (i cant forget Her for a single moment, and i couldn’t tell her the exact story). One thing, after the abduction my hair begun to loose, and after 3-4 year i go for a surgery in my chest, because doctor found i have several hole in my chest diaphragm, that causes my right lung squeeze with stomach gas.

    Thats all my story.

    Please feel free to give me some suggestion.

    Thanks n regards,

    • I hear strange noises like airplanes and buzzing noises at 2 in the morning and when I’m sleeping i feel like I’m floating but i always wake up at home but sometimes i even see strange figures and I’m worried about the future to come ….

    • I believe you. All of it. I was chased around San Francisco by reptilians, grays, and human hybrids. There was no escape from ‘the game ‘. I lived a thriller movie scene for 3 months.
      Currently the etheric and physical implants are an annoyance due to the constant high pitched frequencies. All I can say is….if you observe your thoughts and turn off your mind and reduce negative frequency interaction and mind control. …The Future is Yours. Your spirit is forever. Grab your destiny and soar. Choose your own thoughts that satisfy you. Choose none at all and have peace. Choose love as this frequency conquers them. Choose the one of nature as it heals your body and spirit. We will endure. We will rise. We will create our path. Such is the nature of our spiritual power. If we just believe we will. …..we will. We must remember in our hearts. …The Future is Ours.

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