Do Alien-Human Hybrids Walk Among Us?

On October 10, 2013 by Alien invasion

If you care about human freedom and sovereignty, please take a minute and sign this petition against the alien invasion of this world. Your voice maters!

Humans have just recently discovered the power of genetic engineering. It promises to revolutionize our lives. How far might this science be taken in a thousand years? The answer is flying around our skies at night. We are faced with an alien foe that has mastered this technology. Can they use it against us?

The evidence points to a resounding yes. Thousands of people have been abducted against their will. They are often subject to cruel biological experiments, many having to do with breeding. Are the aliens running a breeding program? Why do they rob us of our reproductive material? The Allies of Humanity confirm that there is a concerted effort to create an alien-human hybrid. This program is in its mature phase:

“The interbreeding program is becoming very successful. Already there are those walking your Earth who are born of the visitors’ consciousness and collective endeavor. They cannot reside here for long periods of time, but within only a few years, they will be able to dwell upon the surface of your world permanently. Such will be the perfection of their genetic engineering that they will seem only slightly different from you, more in their manner and in their presence than in their physical appearance, to such a point that they will likely go unnoticed and unrecognized. However, they will have greater mental faculties. And this will give them an advantage that you could not match unless you were trained in The Ways of Insight.”

Hybrids are used because the alien invasion cannot easily survive on the surface of our world. Having long lived in technological environments, they cannot contend with the infinite variety of biological diversity on this planet. Bacteria and viruses can wipe them out. Hybrids will be placed as advisors to humanity’s most influential leaders. Using their greater understanding and potent psychic abilities, they will be the real power behind the throne.

The alien threat is difficult enough to deal with as it is. If we lose the capacity to easily recognize a human from an alien, the difficulty rises substantially. These hybrids will not hold any allegiance to human kind. Combined with potent psychic abilities, they constitute a clear and present danger to human sovereignty.

Humanity will need to cultivate greater psychic abilities. The Steps to Knowledge program is one way to do this. Our future will be very much unlike our past. We need to become a stronger, more adept race. It’s a rough universe out there.

8 Responses to “Do Alien-Human Hybrids Walk Among Us?”

  • The Steps to Knowledge has been invaluable guidance.

  • I have been suffering from hearing things
    government authorities discovered after
    thourough investigation that aliens
    are harassing me telepathically the government
    knows about it I ran into a human hybrid an
    officer he is in government custody now
    a police officer its was his telepathy harassment
    and then others with him it is still going on
    telepathy alien harassment I hear them harassing me
    239-595-41xx naples florida

    • I believe you are being attacked by demons (or aliens) – whatever you want to call them.

  • I know! I can see! These are facts! But how do you explain or get people to believe when they refuse to listen or see the truth and demand on staying ignorant! I have insight! I can t explain how but i do!

  • Whatever their big idea is, it will work, because even if there’s something we can do we won’t do anything. Period.

  • Clueless, Amanda and all, please: “Remember it is all about freedom. Your freedom. Our freedom.”-p.31 the Allies’ has a prep guide at the back of it, as does the Consider & be with & follow this.
    We have the power to resist, to educate, & to empower, ourselves.
    Amanda, you & all: you can spread the word, but don’t worry about others, start with what you can control, your stuff, your intentions, your preparation.
    Find people who can support Knowledge in you.

    The states that Knowledge, the deeper spiritual mind within you & all others, emerges in becoming devoted in committed relationships, to those who are your true allies in the Way of Knowledge preparation.

    Therefore, start with Steps, its straightforward, practically & mysteriously reconnecting & it simply works, in a pure, way. We must continue to be stronger with Knowledge & speak out against the Intervention. has a great way to do that, with some ip address shielding at least, if not some anonymization. Turn flash on if needed.

    Others must learn of the gravity of what is occurring now, if people were less preoccupied & looking up, after all, they would be seeing sightings & abductions everyday, by the hundreds & thousands.

    Set the intention each day, to reach Knowledge & build that connection & reach as many others as you can, who are ready, willing & able to experience the Briefings & the Wisdom & Knowledge preparation pathway. This is what you can begin to do.

    A little each day/week whatever you can do, regularly (like cleaning the Intervention infection from our Human Family goes a long way you will find, in Taking It Out online you get stronger with your connection to Knowledge & you can speak for Knowledge within others.

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