Are All Aliens Enlightened Benevolent Beings?

On July 7, 2014 by alieninvasion


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Have you ever looked up at the sky and wondered what life was like out there? The question comes very naturally for those of us who feel a connection to the Greater Community. One might imagine an infinite variety of cultures and civilizations, each with their own perspectives and priorities. The grandeur of it all makes it difficult for the mind to grasp.

One of the great spiritual truths is that we are all One. Behind every conscious intelligence lies a Greater Mind, what some might call Spirit or Knowledge. Looking out at the universe with this mindset brings order to chaos. Aliens may look and act very differently, but fundamentally we share that deep spiritual bond with the source of Creation.

Many of us in the UFO community who have grasped this truth have used it to project certain fatal assumptions about the nature and reality of life in the universe. For instance, the spiritual understanding that we are all One is often used to argue that life in the universe is inherently benevolent. Proponents of this viewpoint believe that space brothers and sisters would naturally get along. It’s humanity, they insist, that has erred due to our violent nature.

The belief that benevolence is universal is highly dangerous. It could be a fatal assumption for humanity to make. We need only look to our own planet to realize how foolish this viewpoint is.

Serial killers are just as connected to God as anyone else. You would and should not trust them implicitly. This is common sense to everyone reading this. And yet, there are some of us that will extend that trust to every race and being in the universe! How many of them have you met? It’s insane to believe they are all one of anything. It’s even more crazy to assume none of them are any threat to us.

When we look up at the stars, we need to remember that it’s a complex situation that does not have any easy answers. We can’t make blanket statements about any of it. Wise discernment and caution are the only reasonable approach.

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