BREAKING: Russia and the United States are Cooperating Against the Alien Invasion

On July 3, 2015 by alieninvasion

Obama and Putin

“Are any of the world’s governments resisting the Intervention?”

“Yes, the United States and Russia are resisting the Intervention. That is one of the reasons they have ceased their competition that was so destructive over many decades. They are more cooperative now, for they realize they need one another to be successful in offsetting the impacts and the persuasion that is being cast upon humanity.
There are smaller governments assisting now, but primarily it is these two greater powers that hold such great military strength and persuasion in the world. It is they who had fallen under alien deception, and it is they who have now turned against the Intervention. That is why our contact on Earth, Marshall Vian Summers, can receive this information and can receive our Briefings and counsel without fear of government suppression.” – The Allies of Humanity Briefings (Book 3)

The men and women that lead our great nations have a few things in common. Whether they head democracies, kleptocracies or dictatorships, these leaders are all terrifically cunning. It’s part of the job description. It was only a matter of time before the United States and Russia would see through the alien invasion’s lies.

If you were the leader of the US or Russia during the Cold War, would you pass up an opportunity to jump start your technology and race ahead of your rival? According to the Allies of Humanity group, the aliens intervening in our affairs played both sides against each other in that very way.

“They will take advantage of your expectations, your desires, your fantasies and your grievances to establish this position for themselves. Look at the history of intervention in your world. Look how easily native peoples succumbed to the presence of foreign intervention. This must not be your fate.” – Entering the Greater Community

It makes perfect sense, too. Humanity’s two great powers were encouraged to compete with each other while aliens pursued their own agenda behind the scenes. This resulted in a weakened human race with less capacity to resist.

Thank God we saw through it. This explains why the alien invasion has shifted focus. According to the Allies of Humanity group and the detailed information received by Marshall Vian Summers, alliances with powerful business leaders are now being sought. Many of them have already turned against their own race.

We all live at a critical time in human history. Humanity is facing its greatest challenge yet: sustained contact with alien life. Will our species emerge as a free and self-determined race in the universe? Or will we be yet another species that falls prey to aggressive forces from afar? Only time will tell.

Humanity Needs You

We need you to do your part. The following resources were especially chosen to get you up to speed on what’s happening as quickly as possible. Tools for training your mind are also listed. Every human being needs to pitch in. This is the greatest freedom movement in history and we need you to be a part of it!


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3 Responses to “BREAKING: Russia and the United States are Cooperating Against the Alien Invasion”

  • Hey guys i do not approve the invasion. I feel them comming but i do not know what to do, ive tried the 8 practical tehniques and they did not work. I DO NOT ACCOCIATE WITH NI… ALIENS

    • I now have the uppmost respect for the russian goverment to finally let down the communsit view and start working with the united states of americana. I feel like a new person is going to show us the right way to deafet all those filthy aliens. God bless americanarussia

  • i don’t really have a political view but what good could come from the two super power countries working together if anything there’s goanna be another cold war

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