What Does Disney Know About the Alien Invasion?

On October 24, 2013 by Alien invasion

Can human beings cope with the reality of an alien invasion? Would such an announcement cause widespread panic? In 1995, the Walt Disney Corporation released a documentary that many believe was used to test the public’s response to the presence of alien life on our planet. The hour long film, which was released in only 5 US states, confirmed what many believers have always known: the metallic crafts so often seen in our skies are operated by intelligent alien life. This documentary was only ever once broadcast, with no explanation from the parent corporation.

Our entire civilization is predicated upon the notion that we are alone in the universe. Our pale blue dot of a planet is the stage, the rest of the universe seen as a mere backdrop to our little drama. What would change if it became widely accepted that we are not alone in the universe? Everything, and that’s precisely why governments have not released what they know about the alien invasion. Is humanity ready for the truth?

According to the Allies of Humanity, which is the best source of information on this topic, it is crucial for the general population to be educated about the alien invasion. The alien intervention is influencing people behind the scenes in hopes of gaining control of this planet. They are targetting people in the highest echelons of religion, politics and commerce. Spreading awareness to every corner of the globe is one way we can thwart their ambitions.

The visitors do not want to be revealed. They do not wish for conflict. They are overly confident that they can achieve their goals without serious resistance from the human family. But once such resistance is mounted, once the power of Knowledge awakens in the individual, then the visitors are facing a much more formidable obstacle. Their intervention here becomes thwarted and more difficult to achieve. And their persuasion of those in power becomes more difficult to accomplish. Therefore, it is the individual’s response and commitment to the truth that are essential here.

Share this documentary with everyone you know. Spread the word. Read the Allies of Humanity briefings and follow their recommendations. We’re all in this together.

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  • Is Disney in on the alien issue? Of course. Check out the animated Disney show: “Shutterbug time” on youtube. -They are preparing us for total control/surviallience- part of the control matrix.

  • They are living here on earth!!! That is fact!!!!!!!

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