Is Dr. Steven Greer Corrupted By The Alien Invasion?

On April 7, 2014 by Alien invasion

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Steven Greer

“[Space-faring races in the Greater Community] are all powerful in the mental environment, which means that they will be able to affect your thinking more than you will be able to affect theirs.”

Dr. Steven Greer and his Disclosure Project convinced me that the UFO topic was worth investigating. Many of us watched the National Press Club conference with excitement as witnesses lent their professional credibility to the cause. Highly credentialed experts from every intelligence and government agency risked their careers and personal reputations to share the truth as they knew it. It was a momentous day.

Dr. Greer did a great service to humanity by organizing the conference. Now he’s trying to convince us that all aliens are good. He sees them as enlightened beings here to gift spiritual advancement to a corrupt humanity. Never mind the longstanding alien abduction program. Forget about the cruel experiments and tormenting mental manipulation. He blames a corrupt cabal within the government for these atrocities. What happened? Why has this capable man failed so spectacularly in his discernment?

Mental Manipulation

Being a public figure is a two-edged sword. On the one hand you want to attract as much attention as possible. On the other, you’re likely to attract the wrong kind of attention too. Did Dr. Steven Greer catch the watchful eye of the alien invasion? Given their penchant for secrecy, how might they have reacted to a public disclosure movement?

The alien invasion are master manipulators in the mental environment. It is their most potent force against us. Even an otherwise intelligent and capable person could not hope to avoid being manipulated without the proper mental training. Greer would have posed a tempting target. They want our blind trust and acquiescence. Turning the face of the disclosure movement into an ardent pro-alien advocate fits their plan perfectly. It is a stroke of genius as far as mental manipulation is concerned.

Independent Thinking

Educate yourself about who Dr. Steven Greer is and what he stands for. Does his viewpoint strengthen humanity’s freedom and sovereignty or does it undermine the security of this planet? Why does he sound like a paid lobbyist for the alien invasion? What is his agenda? The following review of one of his CSETI workshop speaks volumes. Who is this man and why does he want your money?

Surprisingly, my pre-conceived opinion about Dr. Greer’s character began to disintegrate as I listened to his presentation. It was disheartening to discover he is excessively fascinated with himself, prone to indulge in name dropping and in bragging about his fantastic ‘high end’ and/or ‘in the know’ contacts and connections, not to mention the multitude of outlandish remarks he makes with a straight face, such as his impact on the rogue MAJESTIC secret government. So much so, that according to him, he “rejected a TWO BILLION dollars payout to shut up and abandon the ET disclosure issue”… read more.

This may be the most important threshold humanity ever faces. We are incredibly fortunate to be a part of it. Which part will you play? Will you be a blind believer or a critical thinker? Consider the implications of Dr. Greer’s position. You’ve been on this planet for a while now. You’ve gained your share of wisdom. Does his “all aliens are good, humans are bad, we should trust them” theory sit well with you? Look deeply within yourself. What comes up?

Consider the following sources in your search for truth. Open your mind to the possibility that Dr. Steven Greer might be wrong. What makes sense? What feels right?

25 Responses to “Is Dr. Steven Greer Corrupted By The Alien Invasion?”

  • Yeah. Be careful.

    Doctor collects your data through new “app” and give it Et’s, so they can more easily abduct you 😉

  • I think he’s working for the government.
    I don’t trust him.


  • I was approached by this group about 2yrs ago. They Are active and do have an agenda. The other factions I see having HUGE influence upon feeding etheric energies Are those who follow. Cobra. Additionally group think has activated many of the individuals who subscribe to any form of Krishna and those who follow the mahjarichi (sp). Their global meditative efforts open up direct connection to individual participants who are not yet vibrationally attuned to discern their self knowledge so they are agreeable to false input and suggestions

  • Thanks for the article. I bought the Sirius Disclosure DVD and have been listening Dr. Greer and his message. He is very convincing but I have also started to question his sincerity after recognizing the lack of “walk the talk” in his efforts. I have also watched the whistle blowers of alien invasion like late Dr. Karla Turner and many others and wondered why they have encountered premature death and Dr. Greer is still around and trying to convince people that the message of the whistle blowers is corrupted or without true substance. It is like somebody wants his message to be heard and believed on. The review of Knowledge Seeker in your article confirm my doubts that Dr. Greer is not a sincere human being telling the truth.

  • I feel this subject requires much more than “cautious optimism”. The stakes could not be higher. I have heard many channeled “Sweetness and light, they are here to help us evolve” Messages. I fear that reality is not so rosy. Honesty on the part of these extraterrestrials in regards to their true motives, is not a part of the equation. How much “honesty” did the arriving Europeans give to the Native Americans? Technological advancement by no means equates to spiritual enlightenment. We need to look no further than our own planet to know what is probably motivating most of the aliens.
    The strong prey upon the weak. “As is below, so is above” We are weak in technology and knowledge. This is the law of nature, and we are far from the top of the food chain in the “greater community”. Whatever groups are competing for dominance of our world will use any form of deception to coax us into our chains. That includes duping and deceiving susceptible individuals such as Mr. Greer to spread the “”welcome them down with open arms” message. Mr. Greer conveniently ignores the abductions, medical experimentations, cattle mutilations, uninvited “visitations”, killings, illegal bases, the destruction of our satellites and space probes, and other shenanigans that these visitors probably have their fingers in. He and others in the New age movement fit in perfectly with the “Pacification program” designed to lessen our resistance to the alien’s schemes.
    Several different groups are competing for control of this rare and valuable piece of real estate. They are extremely cunning and patient and have done this many times before The bad news is that wer’e are very close to being taken over, subjected to mass slaughter, and the remaining population used as slave labor and as a source of food and biological components. We will be a farm- part of a collective of alien race controlled worlds used in the same way that we use so-called “lower” life forms. The good news is they cannot accomplish this without our cooperation and assistance. For now, we need to examine clearly the evidence of what may be happening, and talk about it.
    “Knowledge is power”, and if we don’t know what is happening, we will be powerless to prevent it. Within the context of the “Allies of humanity messages”, all of the disturbing confusing events presently happening on Earth fall into place, and the picture is not pretty.
    The bright spot here is that if we collectively wake up, stop fighting amongst ourselves, and assert our sovereignty, we can kick the aliens off and go on to become the creative, powerful race we have the potential to be. Freedom and self-determination, or a gigantic chicken farm. This really is our choice.
    (Just a note: There is not a “Problem” we have that we do not already have the solution to. The aliens of course, will do all they can to convince us otherwise)

  • I was wondering when people would start to question Dr. Greer…. Like all people who tell the truth they have people who seem to hate. Meh, more exposure for Dr. Greer, thank you haterzz.

  • Is this article a “don’t buy his bs, buy mine”?

  • Ok people. If you think “ET” would come all this way to rule us? I think not. Use your intuition. Don’t let others control your thoughts. Wake the hell up, eath is under quarantine due to our violent nature. Until we can work together we will remain slaves to a false system.

    • I agree with this. This “monkey culture” just wants new enemies all the time. Next generations are going to get rid of this kind of old behavior.

    • My intuition tells me that the groups currently here abducting and mutilating people are definitely not doing it for our benefit.

    • right on, civilizations with the ability to cross the intergalactic space need to rule us punny forms!!!

  • Here’s the problem I have with this and this is from personal experience. I have had many interactions, mostly but not exclusively hyper-dimensional in nature, with the grey alien and reptilian faction. While I would like to think they are good, that they somehow mirror negative experience, or are here to help us learn etc. — my experience shows me that not only are they not good but they [especially the reptilians] are evil i.e. they feed off of your misery (negative emotions) — then they can and do manifest in the physical by way of light ships purposely flashing at you from a few thousand feet.

    I can’t talk about this with anyone because people just cannot fathom and or believe what I am saying; which leaves me isolated with it.

    Anyway I like Greer a lot but unless there is another faction out there that is benevolent I would have to think he is being misled somehow.

    My thoughts anyway, I could be off — but def. not about the reptilians.

    Thank you.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience, J Core. You are not alone. Many other people have had similar experiences. Earth does have very powerful Allies. It’s just that they don’t visit us and won’t interfere here, like other unethical alien races do.

  • I think the guy is doing a lot of good. Wish people would stop the negative judgements and support people who are trying to make a positive difference.

  • It’s really hard for we humans to imagine others being any different than ourselves.
    We even look back on our own ancient ancestors, and will at times project our own modern day thinking upon them. We’ll come away with ideas that they were just like us, today, in their thinking, and acting long ago. And yet, nothing could be further from the truth.

    We humans get into a lot of trouble when we assume others think, and act just like us. This kind of thing even gets us in trouble amongst ourselves. How many times have you assumed a neighbor, or even a family member, had a particular view about something, only to discover later that you were completely wrong? How about your assumptions of someone from another country?

    I’m still doing my own research on this subject. I’ve watched a lot of Greers (and other researchers) videos, and have noticed some of the same things you all have. Still, I have a lot of respect for him, and will continue to watch what he presents.
    I’m not saying I believe everything he says. However, I’m not willing to throw the baby out with the bath water, either.
    I DO believe he presents a lot of important, and useful information.

    In conclusion… I’m not willing to believe that ALL other beings in the universe think, and act just like the people of Earth. Dear God… let’s hope not!
    Also, I’ve noticed that when someone begins to collect notoriety for something… others start becoming jealous.
    Not all, but many humans have a very jealous nature. There’s a reason for why the “Keeping up with the Jonses” joke exists.
    I’m thinking that this at least plays partly into why some do not like Mr. Greer.
    They wish they had been the ones to put together, and present this stuff in the manner that he has.

  • I see that some on here have mentioned having negative encounters with aliens.

    Ive been practicing modern shamanism since 2002, and have encountered nothing but very concerned, friendly and loving beings in my work.
    The majority of my work has been done before I ever knew about the present info on aliens. I’ve only been studying ET info for a year, now.

    Are any of my shamanic encounters with aliens? I suspect so… especially the beings I encounter that are shrouded with a pure light body. They are like nothing else I ever encounter. I didn’t even think about them being from another planet until recently, and because of my ET studies.

    I’m just not having the types of negative encounters that others report.
    Could it be because of my intentions?
    I do this kind of work because I love it, and I take it seriously.
    Maybe they respect me for it(?).

    • Be careful of your own wishful thinking, especially about yourself, Raven. It can be used against you very easily.

  • Simply put this article is a hack discreditation piece.

    I participated in Dr. Greer’s CE5 training in 2010 at Joshua Tree. We had amazing contact all week and I continue to experience universal peaceful contact to this day and all anybody needs to experience this is a peaceful open heart and the proper intent.
    Dr. Greer is the real deal, don’t take my word for it, go find out yourselves. If you have anything to be concerned about is the HUMAN element to this issue.

  • I’m sorry, but…

    IF aliens are here and living among us, THEN Steven Greer IS a reptilian shapeshifter.

    Otherwise there is a well-done disinformation movement to make Greer look like “one of them” emerging online.

    (But why would you need to discredit someone who already sounds crazy to the average person? Speaking of which, Don’t jump my case and call me any names, everybody is reading this page for the same reasons i am. I had no purpose in coming here other than research and curiosity.)

    But I promise you, if you actually search “Steven Greer is a reptilian” you will find both videos and photos that appear to backup that statement surprisingly well.

    Again, the oddities in said videos and photos are either well done visual CGI edits meant to discredit him, OR the real deal genuine. They certainly aren’t “dust on the lens” or whatever.

    If it’s genuine, and he is a reptilian, then that explains why he would so publicly decry any negative impressions of ET’s despite evidence to the contrary.

    Think about that. It would litterally mean he is a shape-shifting propoganda agent here to mislead us.


    Do the search, that stuff won’t be hard to find.

    Again, I started this post with an “if…then” statement so I reitirate: IF there are indeed Reptilian humanoids who can shapeshift, and they really are living among us incognito, then this man is one of them. And some sort of Spy/spokesperson on top of that.

    Personally, I seriously hope they are NOT walking among us. Earth is crowded as it is, and humans don’t need anyone else to fight, we’ve got each other. (You know that’s how most would react.)

    Hopefully Steve is just a little wacky and someone is out to make him look even wackier.

    Because otherwise we have a serious snake on our hands here, people. A deceiver hiding in plain sight.

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