The Power and Influence of Alien Economic Collectives

On February 15, 2014 by Alien invasion

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“They may encompass hundreds of worlds and planetary establishments and exist across vast reaches of space. They can have significant control and are always interested in gaining new allegiances and new members.”

Humanity will one day reach the stars. You can bet that corporations will want to get a piece of that action. The juiciest piece – the one with all the meat. You can’t blame them for doing what they were designed to do. Expanding their power and influence, be it on Earth or in the cosmos, is simply good business. Free of the shackles of government interference and emboldened by the vastness of space, corporations may grow very large indeed. Assuming they can get there first.

What happens if we’re late to the party? Can a GE or a Samsung really compete against a technologically superior interstellar corporation spanning hundreds of worlds? According to the best information we have on what’s out there, such organizations do exist. They are called Collectives. Like corporations on Earth, their area of expertise is economic rather than military. They focus on resource acquisition and on building alliances with worlds like ours. Their influence is vast. Our Megacorps don’t stand a chance.

Collectives are dangerous entities. They are not ethical. Free worlds avoid contact with them as much as possible. Worlds that have exhausted key resources do not have this option. It is a Faustian bargain. Collectives are constantly seeking power and influence. The worlds that make up these economic collectives were all once free. They now function at various levels in these vast economic enterprises.

There are no armadas of ships. There is no fleet threatening human sovereignty. The alien invasion is far more insidious. They use their abilities in the mental environment to manipulate us behind the scenes. Humans in positions of economic, political, military and religious authority have already been contacted. Some of them have been turned. The Collectives would like nothing more than to add a pliant humanity to their collection of worlds. Resource acquisition is the name of the game and humanity is just one prize among many.

None of this is surprising. Our corporations would behave no differently, had they gotten there first. Understanding what Collectives are and how they operate is simply a part of our education about life in the universe. We have much to learn. Do your part by checking out these interesting sources:

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