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On January 27, 2014 by Alien invasion

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Something important is happening. You can feel it. You’re reading this now because a part of you understands that humanity is no longer alone in the universe. We’ve crossed a threshold. Our generation and the next will have to contend with forces from the cosmos.

It’s one of the most challenging steps any race can take. The problem is that we simply don’t know much about what’s out there. We’re flying blind and the stakes are high.

This is what makes the Allies of Humanity briefings so valuable. It’s not technology or weapons that we most urgently need. It’s information. It’s a new perspective informed by a greater vantage point. The Allies are a group of individuals from free races in this region of space. They understand the situation we are in as they have faced it themselves. They know that there’s an alien intervention seeking to establish itself on Earth. They do not wish to see this happen. Freedom is rare in the universe. They want another free and sovereign state in their midst.

The Allies of Humanity briefings are vast and are worth your careful consideration. Consider them with an open mind and an open heart. Check their information against what you understand about nature, the world, and history. As you read it, also take the time to carefully look within yourself and see if the information rings true to you. Use your greater sense of inner knowing and intuition when evaluating the perspective they bring to the table. See where that takes you.

The following is a short excerpt from a Q&A portion of the Allies of Humanity briefings. I’ve chosen what I consider to be the most interesting questions, but I encourage you to further your research and see for yourself.

“What does the Alien Intervention want here on Earth?”

The Intervention seeks to control this world and the world’s peoples. It does this not only to meet its own goals of wealth and resource acquisition, but to serve larger powers who secretly will use the Intervention to gain control of the world. These larger powers would not dare to enter the world as the Intervention is doing now, but they will use these more unscrupulous forces to achieve their own goals of influence and acquisition.

The Intervention wants a compliant humanity. It does not want a rebellious humanity, for it could not manage that. The Intervention wants humanity to work agreeably—believing in its goals, principles and promises. These, of course, are false and deceiving, and it would be the gravest of errors if humanity were to follow these mandates.

Therefore, understand that you now have competition from the universe—competition for the value and the resources of this world, its strategic position and those things that are secretly hidden here beyond human awareness, which are of immense value to those races in the universe who are aware of them.

From this point forward, you will have to defend your world from intervention and from persuasion, which can be very powerful and very influential. These powers have been exerted in our worlds to the great detriment of our peoples, and we had to fight and struggle to regain our freedom and to ward off these influences and to keep them out of our districts. It is the price in the universe where freedom is rare.

Freedom requires vigilance. Freedom requires great care and great discernment. Humanity must develop these skills and these qualities if it is to survive in a diverse and influential universe, if it is to remain free and self-determined amidst the presence of other powerful forces.

“If conquest is not allowed in this region of space, how can an Intervention occur and be successful?”

Conquest is not allowed in this region of space, so other means are sought through inducements, through the offering of gifts of technology and through persuading a native race that it alone cannot govern itself or assure its own future. It is these same persuasions that humanity places upon itself through its commercial and political persuasions.

Humanity has a greater destiny and a greater potential. Humanity can establish a sustainable use of this world. It can establish this security and stability, but it will have to proceed very differently than it is proceeding now. Otherwise, it will think that others will come to give it gifts, to uplift its science and technology, to show it how to live in peace.

But this is where you are vulnerable and fall easily under foreign persuasion. For such a peace does not exist amongst those who are intervening in the world. And there is no free energy in the universe that is truly free.

They will come to exploit you and to take advantage of your expectations and your naiveté. Therefore, you must be very wary here and very cautious. It is these powers of persuasion and powers of influence in the mental environment that will have such a great impact upon human thinking, human expectations and human emotions.

Here you either make yourself available to such persuasion, or you recognize you must resist it. Here humanity’s approach will make all the difference, for truly a small non-military force could gain ascendancy in the world without the use of force. It could do this through the power of persuasion and by offering the native people things that they think they want. This is how native peoples have been seduced throughout human history by other intervening powers. Now you are facing intervening from the universe, whose persuasion is much more sophisticated and much more powerful. If you are in their proximity, they can control your thinking, your feelings and your perception. This is the power they have of influence in the mental environment.

You can withstand this power because of the presence of Knowledge within yourself, the Knowledge that the Creator of all life has placed within you. For it cannot be persuaded. It cannot be deceived. And it cannot be corrupted. You will need to gain access to this greater Knowledge if you are to remain free and to develop wisdom and maturity in the Greater Community.

“What role, if any, do our governments play in assisting the activities of the Intervention?”

Some governments have assisted the Intervention, only to find it is working against them, and that it is deceptive and untrustworthy. Major governments in the world today have had contact in the past and have made certain agreements to allow the Intervention to function here in exchange for certain kinds of technology. But this has given license to a very dangerous intrusion into the human world and into human societies. Its influence is considerable and is directed to those individuals who are deemed to be the most compliant and the most easily persuaded.

But in recent times, there has been a shift to influence those in positions of leadership in commerce, for they are not accountable to the public. They are unelected and go largely unrecognized by the human population. They garner tremendous wealth, and they do not claim to have great scruples, such as your elected officials might proclaim. They can operate in secrecy, with very little accountability to anyone.

There has been a change, therefore, in the Intervention’s emphasis to move towardsindividuals in positions of leadership in commerce, particularly regarding resource acquisition and distribution. For these individuals hold great power in these arenas and are far more easily persuaded. Your people know not of what is occurring in your midst.

“Are any of the world’s governments resisting the Intervention?” 

Yes, the United States and Russia are resisting the Intervention. That is one of the reasons they have ceased their competition that was so destructive over many decades. They are more cooperative now, for they realize they need one another to be successful in offsetting the impacts and the persuasion that is being cast upon humanity.

There are smaller governments assisting now, but primarily it is these two greater powers that hold such great military strength and persuasion in the world. It is they who had fallen under alien deception, and it is they who have now turned against the Intervention. That is why our contact on Earth, Marshall Vian Summers, can receive this information and can receive our Briefings and counsel without fear of government suppression. He is being watched, we are sure, though we cannot tell to what extent. He is providing a service not only to the peoples of the world, but also to those governments who are aware of the Intervention and who are now opposing its presence and its activities in the world.

“You keep mentioning that Knowledge is the most powerful force in the universe. How can that be true when there are so many other powerful forces to deal with?”

Knowledge represents the power to see, to know and to act with certainty. It also represents the power to resist persuasion, deception and influence in the mental environment. The individual or the nation that has this strength has the power to resist intervention and to comprehend the intentions and the activities of other nations who might be threatening to its freedom or existence.

It is the ultimate form of intelligence, you see, and seers who are guided by Knowledge are more powerful than seers who are not. Here you are able to discern the future and future events before they happen, with varying degrees of accuracy. Here you are able to discern the intentions of others and the capabilities of others without the use of technology. Here you can pretend to be weak when in fact you are really strong. Here you can appear to be non-aggressive when in fact you can be incisive in your inquiries. Here you can be well protected and well defended without requiring a great military force or infrastructure. Here you can make wise decisions regarding your relations with other nations even if their intentions are questionable or uncertain. Here you can engage in diplomacy with other nations with far more certainty than you would have otherwise.

It is this power and this Knowledge that humanity will need if it is to gain the strength and commitment to establish greater unity amongst its nations and the wise and sustaining use of the world. This will overcome greed and avarice. This will overcome competition, conflict and war. This will overcome grievance and hatred and inequality.

That is why Knowledge is the greatest power in the universe. It is a power that the Intervention is not using, or it would not be here engaged in the activities it is undertaking. This is the power that will give humanity the power to offset intervention and to prevent future interventions. This is the power to give humanity the stability to establish a new world with far greater equanimity and equality, justice and freedom.

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