Russia Unprepared for Alien Invasion

On October 8, 2013 by Alien invasion

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According to the Ria Novosti news service, a Russian military official stated that “the country will be powerless to act should Earth become the target of an interplanetary incursion.” This comes mere months after Russian Prime Minister Medvedev confirmed to the press that alien beings were already here. Are we slowly being prepared for the disclosure that a hostile alien force is present on Earth?

The Allies of Humanity have confirmed that Russia is one of the great powers that are actively trying to counter alien influence on our planet. They had previously been subject to their manipulation and now see through it:

“Yes, the United States and Russia are resisting the Alien Intervention. That is one of the reasons they have ceased their competition that was so destructive over many decades. They are more cooperative now, for they realize they need one another to be successful in offsetting the impacts and the persuasion that is being cast upon humanity.  There are smaller governments assisting now, but primarily it is these two greater powers that hold such great military strength and persuasion in the world. It is they who had fallen under alien deception, and it is they who have now turned against the Intervention.”

This is great news for humanity but we are not in the clear yet. According to the Allies, the aliens are focusing their efforts on gaining associates within private business enterprises. This comes as no surprise given that powerful business people are not elected. They face much less public scrutiny. Corporations hold vast economic resources and influence. If Walmart were a country, it would have the 25th biggest GDP in the world – more than 157 other nations. The threat of alien dominance and control over our planet remains.


2 Responses to “Russia Unprepared for Alien Invasion”

  • Is any country prepared for alien invasion? And does it matter if ET is now targeting corporations to do their dirty work for them?

  • Survival expert Steve Hart who runs the UK Preppers guide warned the event how humans are “woefully” prepared for such an invasion.

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