The Alien Invasion’s 3 Trojan Horses

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Where are the alien armadas that Hollywood told us would surely accompany an alien invasion? Last we checked, our major cities weren’t obliterated by giant laser beams. That’s a good thing.

For some, this is proof enough that humanity is safe and that aliens are here to help us. You are reading these words because a deeper part of you feels otherwise. Trust this survival instinct. Humanity is in grave danger.

The alien invasion interfering into human affairs is intelligent. It is deceptive and cunning. This world is the prize they are after. An all out conflict would risk everything. Besides, direct warfare is not tolerated in this “civilized” region of space. Plans are already well under way to take control of this world without firing a single shot.

For the next five minutes, forget everything you know or have read about alien life. Please, just for a moment. Consider the three subtle ways that the alien invasion are already using to subvert humanity’s sovereignty and independence:

1. Addicting us to their technology

“Do not come to the visitors with open hands, begging and pleading, greedy for their power or their technology, for this will trap you and this will blind you. Here you will lose your free will.” – Preparing for the Greater Community

Dependency is one of the easiest and most enduring ways to control a planet. The alien invasion has adopted this strategy as a long term goal.

Humanity would be very easy to manipulate should it be persuaded to adopt technology it cannot reproduce itself. This is a very dangerous possibility given that so many of us look to technology as our best means of salvation.

Each day, we lose our ability to sustain ourselves. We are depleting our resources at an alarming rate. Eventually, when things get particularly difficult, aliens will present themselves and offer us a technological “solution”. Humanity must resist this temptation as its only aim is to make us dependent and malleable to a foreign power.

2. Creating human-alien hybrids

“The Intervention is creating a hybrid individual capable of advising and eventually leading the human family, an individual with no human allegiance whatsoever, an individual with no compassion, respect or empathy for humanity.” – The Great Waves of Change Prophecy

Aliens cannot easily live in our rich biological environment given the abudance of viruses and bacteria. This is why they have been hard at work for decades creating human-alien hybrids. The abductions, the strange breeding experiments performed on abductees, the monitoring of children and entire generations of families… is all for this purpose.

They have been successful. Already, there are human-alien hybrids walking among us. These hybrids have extremely potent psychic abilities. They have been placed as special advisors to people in position of power, especially within large commercial operations. By whispering in the ears of powerful individuals, they serve their alien creators.

3. Stirring up conflict in the human family

“Human conflict is wasting you away. Ignorant, foolish and unaware of what exists at your borders, human conflict is wasting you away.” – Entering the Greater Community

Conflict among us is being encouraged by the alien invasion. The aliens who wish to exert their control over our affairs understand that human unity and cooperation are the greatest threat to their plans. Divide and conquer: a tactic we know well.

It is certainly the case that not all conflict is the result of alien interference. We are extremely prone to fighting amongst ourselves to begin with. However, these alien powers will do everything they can to ensure that wars fester. They do so by manipulating certain powerful leaders and religious fundamentalists. Countries that have the most capacity to resist the intervention are heavily targeted: The United States, Russia, and China.


These three trojan horses are being used to subvert our sovereignty, manipulate our leaders, and ensure that a united human power is unable to defend its borders to space. Sustained contact with life in the universe is the most critical threshold for any race. The majority of them fall prey to foreign powers. This cannot be our fate!

You who are reading this have a responsibility. We cannot depend upon our political leaders to show us the way. They will act and move when we act and move!

We’re all in this together. Continue your research, raise your awareness, and spread the word:

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