The Real Power That Aliens Don’t Want You To Know (Hint: It’s NOT Technology!)

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Mental Environment

“There are limits to technology… There are older races in your neighborhood who have reached those limits, and that is why they seek to use power in the Mental Environment… Amongst more advanced [extraterrestrial] nations, power of influence in the Mental Environment is the far greater arena of influence. For as we have said, technology can be purchased and copied. That is not where the real advantages will usually be found.” – The New Message from God

Humanity has to seriously up its technological game to stand any chance of maintaining its sovereignty, but it won’t be enough. Advanced technology is just a piece of the puzzle – and not even the most important piece!

According to the Allies of Humanity briefings (Who are the Allies of Humanity?), space faring civilizations all make use of power and influence in the Mental Environment. They’ve been cultivating these abilities for thousands of years. Races that are not aware of it do not last very long.

This power is the one secret the alien invasion can’t let humanity in on because it’s how they control us. Just ask any alien abductee who remembers nothing but wonderful things about aliens. 

A humanity wise in the ways of the Mental Environment will be a race far more difficult to trifle with. This is true even though it will take us a few hundred years to catch up to the technological norms in this region of space.

Power, Discernment, and Control

“The Mental Environment is the arena of influence… it is very important in Greater Community interactions, particularly between races or organizations that compete with each other. They have to spend a great deal of time trying to discern what the other is going to do and trying to influence the other in subtle ways. This does not happen through technology as much as it happens through consciousness, through awareness, through the projection of thought and through cunning activities.” – Life in the Universe, Chapter 7

Alien races use power in the Mental Environment to influence each other. This is especially useful because military forces are restricted in this region of space.

Technology has its limits. The physical universe has its limits. However, the limits of the mind have never been reached. This is because a conscious mind acts as a bridge between our spiritual reality and our physical reality. It is capable of great feats of insight and perception.  A mind can also be influenced or even completely controlled by a more concentrated mind. Humanity is just scratching the surface of these powers.

An alien civilization is just a collection of a billion or more minds, if you think about it. How can you get those minds to think in a way that benefits your own race? Can you convince them to accept a less than favorable trade deal that will weaken them over time? What about selling them technology they don’t actually need? How do you really know what your neighbor is up to if you can’t visit their home world?

You can begin to see how valuable power in the Mental Environment becomes under these circumstances. It means the difference between your race living free and sovereign or becoming a client state to foreign powers. According to the Allies of Humanity, most worlds lose their freedom without a single shot being fired.

Cultivating Your Psychic Powers

“The free [extraterrestrial] nations have seers as well. Their seers are employed for the same purposes, but they are guided by a deeper Knowledge, which can make them more powerful and more penetrating than the seers employed in nations that are not free. This gives the free nations power and a certain degree of advantage…”Life in the Universe, Chapter 7

A serious commitment to developing your mind and learning to use its greater abilities is your best defence against mental intrusion by the alien invasion. They avoid people with such powers as it puts their secrets and plans at risk. Elevating yourself in this way can also initiate you into a greater service for the human race.

We strongly recommend as many people as possible begin their psychic and spiritual training using the Steps to Knowledge program. Translated into a human language for the first time, it is an ancient teaching taught in many worlds. Steps to Knowledge is designed to clear your mind and bring you closer to Spirit. Along the way you cultivate a greater sensitivity to the Mental Environment. The culmination of your training will be when you have fully reclaimed your relationship with Spirit. Great power will be yours to wield, but you will do so safely in your work to serve a Higher cause.


A strong humanity needs strong individuals – you and people like you. Competition in the Mental Environment is competition on a whole new level. It is a time for everyone to become more aware of these forces. For humanity’s naturally gifted psychics and seers, it is a time for them to get to work. If you feel that you might be one of them, then don’t delay any longer. Begin your training today:

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  • This article is true to the bone. I do , however, believe that the chi in this region of space is the limiter. It is all polarized, moving in a clockwise direction. The energy that the ET s possess is non polarized , thicker, and is sentient, the closer the species originates to the center of the universe. To obtain a conduit to be able to handle this type of energy requires the melding of the four spiritual entities on earth; kundalini, Druid tree, fire around the heart and lastly the usage of three of the five elements. This melding is called a matar or mother. Through astral travel through wormholes one can then change the hosts energy and compete with the many races.

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