The Structure of Alien Civilizations Revealed

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“Many of the beings that are being encountered in the world are bred by collectives to be servants. Their genetic heritage has long been lost to them. They are bred to serve, as you breed animals to serve you.” Allies of Humanity, Book 1

If you had to structure your world to compete against other aggressive worlds, how would you do it? How would you rally your population to work towards this goal? What type of civilization would guarantee your continued survival in a universe where every race is competing for resources? In this article, we examine two social structures that have been invented to address these concerns.

How could anyone on Earth possibly know how alien societies work? Humanity is not alone. We have allies in the universe – a secret alliance of free worlds (read more about the Allies of Humanity here) – that have given us the information we need about what life out there is really like.

Much of this information also comes directly from the Angelic Assembly that oversees this world. They want humanity to succeed and recognize that our freedom and sovereignty are at stake. This is why they have given us a New Message to help guide us in this great stage of human history.

Spiritually Advanced Societies

“Ultimately, the most powerful races in the universe are entirely hidden. And if they have any trade at all, it is maintained with the greatest secrecy usually carried out by other nations that support them, that act as proxies for them. If you attain a great power in the mental environment, your powers would be sought by other nations. Your skills would be sought by other nations, and other nations will attempt to seduce you or induce you through promises of wealth, splendor or high social positions—whatever they can do to seduce you in order to gain control of these abilities.” – Life in the Universe, Chapter 7

Freedom is rare in the universe. Societies that are spiritually advanced are even more so. They take their guidance from the greater spiritual intelligence that lives within us all – our Spirit/Knowledge/Christ Consciousnes/Buddha Nature – rather than any worldly power or ambition.

This new chain of authority leads to a fundamentally different social structure. In spiritually advanced nations, each member is seen as a potential contributor. By becoming bridges between the divine source and our state of Separation, brilliant new innovations in every sphere can be received. Their technology is unrivalled.

Characteristics of spiritually advanced nations include:

  • Citizens enjoy the freedom to contribute their gifts. They are not free to be reckless or to cause discord, however.
  • The most advanced Seers in the universe are found here. Guided by Spirit, they are unmatched.
  • Children are assessed at a young age. Specialized education is given to meet their natural talents and inclinations.
  • These advanced societies are often entirely hidden. They are undetectable. They understand that, in this competitive universe, their unique technological creations and psychic abilities in the mental environment would only invite scrutiny from foreign powers.
  • They take orders from Heaven. Their bond to Spirit allows them to work hand in hand with the Angelic Assembly that oversees all worlds.

The Security State

“Freedom is rare in the universe, as it is in your own world. This is the great truth that you will have to face, in contrast perhaps to your expectations, hopes and wishes.” – Human Freedom & The Alien Agenda

Imagine if the universe was filled with worlds that looked like worse versions of North Korea. According to the Allies of Humanity, a highly rigid state apparatus with zero tolerance for personal freedom is the most common social structure found in the Greater Community.

This comes as a shock for most people. When you really think about it though, it makes sense. Given that competition is so fierce for the precious resources that technological civilizations need to survive, would you want your populace running around doing whatever they want? Of course not. You would need everyone to contribute to the survival of the race.

Spiritually advanced nations educate their people and rely on their better nature. Security states force them to work and think according to the needs of the nation. It’s a different solution to the same challenge… though regrettably more brutal and inhumane.

Clones are used by many such civilizations. They control the genetic code of their workers to ensure that they stay in line.

Characteristics of security state nations include:

  • Any citizen that shows aberrant behavior is eliminated.
  • They are technologically sophisticated, though not very creative. Free worlds tend to be more advanced.
  • Stability is their most important priority.
  • In nations that don’t breed clones, parents need a license from the state to have a child. Children are taken away from their parents at a young age to be educated to avoid them becoming attached to anyone or anything but the state. States that use cloning always maintain natural births for their leadership class.
  • These leaders, however, are very insecure. They are surrounded by billions of worker clones. Clone revolts sometimes occur.


As the saying goes, the universe is big. These are just two types of alien civilizations found in the universe. As there are billions upon billions of worlds with intelligent life, there is of course a nearly infinite variety of social structures out there. No two worlds or species are quite alike, though the above examples offer a useful contrast for humanity.

As a new race emerging into this vast community, it is our responsibility to to learn as much as we can about what life is like out there. We also have a choice: what path will we take? Will our elites force a security state solution upon us, or will we evolve along the creative and spiritual path? The decision is up to us. What kind of role will you play?

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