UFO Sightings across California

On January 2, 2014 by alieninvasion
California Crop Circle

Crop Circle in California

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Is the rash of UFO sightings across the American state of California a sign of alien invasion?

The New Revelation from God, received by the prophet Marshall Vian Summers, declares that it is so.  UFO sightings, crop circles, alien abductions—these are just some of the signs of a silent invasion, and attempt at occupation by ET forces.

Don’t be deceived: these are not angels or philanthropists coming to uplift humanity, or save us from ourselves. These are not demons or djinn. These are not trans-dimensional, supernatural creatures or ourselves from the future. These are resource explorers, scavenger trade organizations, who without compunction would wrest control of our world simply to control its natural wealth and its strategic location.

Life on Earth will never be the same.

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