How to Resist Alien Abduction and Manipulation

On February 16, 2014 by Alien invasion

If you care about human freedom and sovereignty, please take a minute and sign this petition against the alien invasion of this world. Your voice maters!


“Humanity does have the power and the skill to stop the Intervention and to prevent future interventions of this kind. You have the inherent Knowledge that lives within you. This is what we mean by spirituality. You have enough individual power and enough technology to offset the kind of intervention that is occurring in your world at this time. You could drive the Intervention out if you had the will to do it. But you must become educated about the Greater Community, and you must be very clear and sober about what you are dealing with at this time.”

There is an alien intervention into human affairs. People around the world are being abducted and victimized. Our governments are well aware of this. They will not help you as they do not want to appear helpless themselves. Rest assured you are not alone. There is hope. You are strong. You can resist them.

  1. The alien invasion’s greatest power is not technology. They use far more subtle abilities in the mental environment to influence and manipulate people. Memories can be buried deep within your mind. If you believe you’re a victim of the intervention, then it is critical that you find the truth. Look into your own mind and heart, and ask yourself, “Have I been influenced by this alien invasion? Has it impacted me? Does it know of me?”. Remember: these memories have been blocked. Ask repeatedly over time. Do it with great strength and determination. Seek outside help in doing this if necessary.
  2. Never lose confidence in your own inner strength and power. It is your foundation for resisting them. They can easily manipulate your thoughts and emotions. Cultivate the ability to distance yourself from them. Become an objective observer of your mind. Undertaking a spiritual training program like Steps to Knowledge is absolutely fundamental to preserving your inner freedom. A man or woman of Knowledge is a great threat to them. You will be able to pierce through their lies.
  3. When dealing with the alien invasion, do not become emotional in any way. Strong emotions will only further mentally bind you to them. Do not become loving or fearful – be completely neutral in your approach. Make yourself an undesirable subject. Tell them you will resist them with every fiber in your body.
  4. Earnestly call for help and protection with all your heart. Surround yourself and protect yourself by saying, Nasi Novare Coram, which is a protection given by the Angelic Presence. You are not alone. Call upon the great assistance that you have.
  5. Never lose faith in the human family. Never believe that an alien leadership would be in our best interest. The alien invasion can be overcome. Our strength and wisdom as a species can only grow as we surmount this challenge.
  6. Seek to learn as much as you can. Read the Allies of Humanity briefings. Get educated about life in the universe and the greater community. Spread the word. The alien invasion cannot resist the will and power of a united humanity. They can only act in secrecy. Become a force for change. Expose them. Become an advocate against the alien intervention.

Get informed. Cultivate your strength:



6 Responses to “How to Resist Alien Abduction and Manipulation”

  • Is Life in the Universe still available for free download? When I clicked on the link in this article and then on “Download Your Free Book” I got Page Not Found.

    • Yes – if you right click on the format below the download link (pdf, mobi, epub) you can choose “Save As” and still download the book.

  • Hello, I am an abductee and have been implanted with MANY devices from multiple alien races there are currently 5 races intervening from what I can tell. I am here to tell you that you do not have to be abducted to be part of the intervention. The aliens in charge of the intervention (alpha-draconians/reptilians) are very powerful and can manipulate and implant you remotely. They use their minds, sort of like telekinesis or teleportation. They don’t want to risk being seen. They do it while you’re sleeping. If you suffer from strange unexplainable headaches and have very strange vivid dreams just before said pain arises, it’s likely alien invaders.

    Generally the lower level aliens are the ones physically abducting. Blues, Greys, and not sure of the other two races. If for some reason their manipulation fails, then you get escalated to the ones in charge–alpha-draconians/reptilians, who can just “dial in remotely.”

    Common places for implants are nasal cavity near 3rd eye, ears, eyes (optic nerve I believe), knee, neck/shoulders, and reproductive organs. I have ALL of the above mentioned implants. But I’ve managed to disable most of them through nothing short of my pure love for God. I seem to have sent them into a code red, as the reptilians have been implanting me nightly (without removing me from my home). You can feel them as headaches. This is absolutely REAL.

    The power of God is the only way to fight them. And they seem to dislike (joyful) singing. Rejoicing, praising God, etc. Also singing the A note is the God resonance. DO that. They seek to stop me (humanity) from fully activating the light body and moving to a higher consciousness. And they want to make you feel/act “crazy.”

    • Eran, how do you know you have these implants? I ask because I’ve been having strange headaches for several months. Thanks.

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