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  • Where Does this happen is it in the western world alone or everywhere in the world

    • It is claimed by “The Allies of Humanity: “As above, so below.”, or rather in this case, “As below; so above”, that the same needs, complexities and diversity of methods for animals, all beings, to get what they need varies out there and all over the world. There are different groups with different needs and wants that are using differing methods to influence and obtain what they need from various Earth nations. Example, you might have a smaller group of tall whites speaking Portuguese and appearing as Mother Mary to establish a foothold in Brazil for gold, uranium, water and bananna trees, while a larger group of Greys, slave clones working for a larger collective of worlds that want the Earth to monitor and protect their shipments through the nearby trade routes, are cutting nano-tech deals with Monsanto who pays Mrs.Clinton. It is various, complex but all under certain limiting rules of conduct. If we cooperatively resist as a unified resistance, they all must withdraw. A consensus of humanity, a quorum to decide for humanity must come to clear understanding and agreement. Please help spread the clear message from The Allies of Humanity so that we may join to decide and act.

  • All of these countries and leaders know of EXTRATERRESTRIALS, and that is the real reason for this nuclear dilemma, they know some of these extraterrestrial are using nuclear power at advanced levels, using the Sun &volcanoes ect.and are really terrified!

    • A ma connaissace partout dans le mon,
      s’armer c’est plus une raison d’existence et de monopole sur l’autre qu’une autre raison
      L’idée d’extra terrestre on est à l’ordre du jour mais plus une ptéparation à un éventuelle conquête spatiale pour colonisation de l’espace nous n’excluaons pas l’idée d’une protectipn contre une invation spatiale. Une coordination entre les superpuissaces devrait se concretiser..

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